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Asia Black 25 from Cloma Pharma is strong enough fat burner which is based on ECA-complex of three components, often used by many athletes to reduce body mass and weight loss.

The basis of this fat burner is “Eka” – a combination of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin, supplemented and reinforced by other components that are part of this Supplement. Buy “Asia black” from Cloma the farm not only as fat burner but it is also permissible to use this Supplement and as a pre-workout. This is due to components that are additive to create a synergistic effect.

Buy Asia Black 25 from Cloma Pharma is often want representatives of various martial arts, for use in their training cycles. In the sports community in General, this additive is used to reduce weight. Primarily this reduction is achieved by reduction of body fat. This additive nature of its impact is quite intense and therefore cannot be recommended to beginners.

The cost of this fat burner allows to relate it to the category of medium price (the price Asia Black 25 from Cloma Pharma though not the lowest, but this fat burner is healthy). When used correctly helps get rid of excess body fat.
The main advantages of supplements

Supplement “Asia Black 25” is a very intense fat burner, characterized by an intense effect on the body and CNS, and therefore is not recommended for women and beginners in the use of additives based on “ECA”
speeds up rate of metabolism from the body aktiviziruyutsya processes of splitting of fat tissue, allowing you to improve rendering muscle definition
this Supplement also optimizes the Central nervous system (CNS)
increases temperature (heat production), whereby the body is able to burn even more fatty tissue, thus improving the energy capacity of the organism
reduces hunger and reduces appetite, which allows the additive to prevent the body in creating new deposits of adipose tissue
significantly increases the threshold for the onset of fatigue and improves the overall health and strength
quality is improved concentration and focus
improves mood and increases growth hormone
The correct use of supplements
Fat burner “Asia Black 25” in General should be made on the basis of the same rules as any other supplements is based on the complex “ECA”. Not recommended to use more than two capsules “Asia Black 25” per day. One capsule supplements are “Asia Black 25” is used about 60 minutes before Breakfast. Most athletes achieve good results using one capsule Supplement daily. “Asia Black 25” is taken 2-3 weeks, then need a break also for 2-3 weeks.

Standard regimen supplements



1-3 weeks

1-3 capsules a day (morning)

Break — 1 week

3-6 weeks

1-3 capsules a day (morning)


6-8 weeks

1-3 capsules a day (morning)

Break — 1 month

Do not take the fat burner in the afternoon and before sleep. During the use of this additive must comply with the normal sleep – 7-8 hours. It is also important to balance the diet (it should not contain “empty calories” from junk food and so on). It is important to maintain water balance in the body (drink 2 liters of water daily).

Fat burner “Asia Black 25” cannot be combined with other similar supplements, stimulants, pre-workout complexes. You can also opt out of black tea and coffee. Taking a Supplement, it is important not to forget about cardio.

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