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Black Spider from Cloma Pharma is a heavy duty fat burner that is manufactured by the American company “Cloma Pharma” and contains his “ECA” (a complex of three active components).

This Supplement as the core contains the classical complex “Eka”, which is a mixture of ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin in certain proportions. This combination of the three components provides a powerful fat burning effect and energy support. Buy Black Spider from Cloma Pharma is increasingly recommended by professional athletes who work exclusively on the result and are interested in high achievement.

“Black Spider” is the most powerful fat burner in the line of such additives from the company Cloma Pharma. Its feature compared with others is that classic ECA in this product is strengthened by other components in the aspect of weight-loss and in the energy dimension. So, buy black Spider from Cloma Pharm many professional athletes prefer to not only as fat burner but also as a pre-workout Supplement.

Although the price of Black Spider from Cloma Pharma is quite high, however the patented formula of this Supplement makes it virtually the most powerful ECA fat burner, which is represented on the market of sports nutrition and pharmacology.
Key features of fat burner

“Black Spider” is a potent fat burner, characterized by an intense effect on the body and CNS, and therefore is not recommended for women and beginners in the use of additives based on “ECA”
speeds up rate of metabolism from the body aktiviziruyutsya processes of splitting of fat tissue, allowing you to improve rendering muscle definition
this Supplement also optimizes the Central nervous system (CNS)
increases temperature (heat production), whereby the body is able to burn even more fatty tissue, thus improving the energy capacity of the organism
reduces hunger and reduces appetite, which allows the additive to prevent the body in creating new deposits of adipose tissue
significantly increases the threshold for the onset of fatigue and improves the overall health and strength
quality is improved concentration and focus
improves mood and increases growth hormone
How is the fat burner
Fat burner “Black Spider” is a powerful line of supplements of this type and is intended primarily for use by professional athletes.

One capsule of “Black Spider” is used 30-60 minutes before Breakfast. Do not take more than two capsules of “Black Spider” a day. Many athletes achieve impressive results, even when using one capsule supplements per day. It is recommended to use the Supplement for 2-3 weeks, then make the same time or a longer break.

Standard regimen supplements



1-3 weeks

1-3 capsules a day (morning)

Break — 1 week

3-6 weeks

1-3 capsules a day (morning)


6-8 weeks

1-3 capsules a day (morning)

Break — 1 month

In the process of using “Black Spider” you must respect the adequate hydration of the body is to drink at least two liters of water a day to keep the sleep from 7-8 hours per day, to balance the diet and to limit consumption of junk food, including fast food.

“Black Spider” can be combined with l-carnitine, but the combination of supplements with any pre-workout complexes, fat burners and other stimulants are not allowed. It is also recommended to give up coffee and black tea, as well as not taking a Supplement during the second half of the day. To improve the effectiveness of the supplements recommended cardio.

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