Brand: British Dispensary (Thailand),
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate,
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Boldenone from British Dispensary – quality drug steroid with mild androgenic and anabolic activity comparable to testosterone index.
The drug also known under the commercial name of “Equipoise”. Originally intended for use in the veterinary field, and then spread to the community of athletes, mostly in bodybuilding.
The drug was developed as Methandrostenolone with a prolonged effect, however, in the process of these developments was received a different drug with its own advantages. Buy Boldenone from British Dispensary is advisable at least because of its lack of hepatotoxicity (toxic effects on the liver and its function). In terms of getting the effects from the point of view of building muscle and strength Boldenone and Methandienone are almost similar, except for the fact that Dianabol is more toxic to the liver.
Important is the fact that mild androgenic activity of boldenone makes possible its use by women. For women to buy Boldenone from British Dispensary is permissible for the reason that it is almost the safest injectable steroid that can be used them without the risk of virilization.
Price boldenone from British Dispensary is not the most affordable, but given all the advantages of this drug, its cost should not be the main factor in deciding about its use.

The main properties and effects of the drug

experienced athletes use Boldenone, say relatively slow, however, high-quality muscle growth and power indicators
the product facilitates the reduction of body fat (fat burning) during the course, thereby forming the definition of muscles, as well as drawing the veins
significantly enhanced appetite
increases strength endurance, due to stimulation of hematopoiesis and to optimize the transport of oxygen to all tissues of the body
Boldenone is not characterized by the flavoring and toxicity to the liver
no effect on libido
a slight rollback phenomenon
A lot of athletes this drug is seen more as for muscle building. Rarely used on the solo courses and excellent combined with other steroid drugs.
The drug is administered intramuscularly at a dosage of 400-800 mg at intervals of one week. The need for frequent injections is not available because of the prolonged action of the drug. The application cycle boldenone lasts from 8 to 10 weeks. After the abolition of boldenone, in 2 weeks requires a post-cycle therapy. For post-cycle therapy, use of Tamoxifen or Clomid – the standard scheme of the PCT. You can also use testosterone boosters that will help speed up the recovery of natural testosterone secretion in the body.

Equipoise (Boldenone) — standard course

Week of the course

Equipoise — dosage

PCT — Clomid


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week




100-50 mg per day


50 mg per day


25 mg per day

Boldenone can effectively be used in conjunction with winstrol (stanozolol) or anavar that will improve the effectiveness of the course with the aim of “drying” of the muscles. To improve the efficiency of the cycle rate of the muscle – use in conjunction with trenbolone or testosterone. In this case, the course lasts 6 weeks and requires the use of antiestrogens (Anastrozole) and PCT after the course.

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