Brand: Golden Dragon (China),
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate,
Package: 250mg10ml


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From Golden Dragon Boldenone is a steroid drug with the active substance boldenone from the famous Chinese manufacturer of sports pharmacology.

Structurally, Boldenone is a testosterone molecule, but with the only difference that contains a double bond between the second and the first carbon atoms. Did boldenone anabolic activity comparable to testosterone, but the androgenic activity is approximately half the rate than those of testosterone. It makes use of bondaged women. Women can buy bondaged from Golden Dragon for use in sports purposes without fear of the development of virilization.

On potentially getting the effects as a result of the course, in terms of development of muscle mass and strength Boldenone can be mapped to methandienone, but the only difference is that Boldenone is not a toxic effect on the liver. If you are interested in the most secure loop of the course, you are recommended to purchase bondaged from Golden Dragon. This is due to the peculiarities of the chemical structure boldenone, namely the fact that in the molecule of a missing 17-Alpha-methyl group.

The price of bolded from Golden Dragon is not the most affordable, if you compare it, for example, affordable methandienone, boldenone however, the cost is quite justified, considering all the benefits of the drug.
Basic properties and effects

athletes who used bolded in their courses, say that it contributes to a slow but quality growth of lean muscle
significantly increases the appetite and power data
thanks to improved nutrition of the muscles and tissues of the body with oxygen, which occurs due to the increase in erythrocyte mass of the blood, increases strength endurance
improving muscle definition and drawing of the venous is achieved through activation of processes of burning fat in the body
bondaged not hepatotoxic
virtually no effect on libido
moderately inhibits the secretion of testosterone in the body
is characterized by a small recoil phenomenon
How to use the drug?
The best would be to use this drug in cycles of building muscle, solo or in combined courses. However, the solo bondaged is used very infrequently.

Bondaged used for a period of 8 to 10 weeks. Bondaged put in a dose of 400 to 800 mg every 7 days. Practice shows that lower doses do not fully allow the drug to manifest themselves, and higher doses most likely will entail the development of side reactions but not increased performance.

Equipoise (Boldenone) — standard course

Week of the course

Equipoise — dosage

PCT — Clomid


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week




100-50 mg per day


50 mg per day


25 mg per day

After completion of the course a drug bondaged, after 2 weeks from last injection to start post-cycle therapy. Can apply for PCT Tamoxifen or Clomid. Can’t hurt adding a testosterone booster. This will help to quickly normalize your natural hormonal balance.

As a solo bondaged used very infrequently, the best choice is a combined course. In order to stimulate muscle growth bondaged be combined with trenbolone or with any air of testosterone. In this case, the course lasts up to 6 weeks. The course uses anti-estrogen drugs (Anastrozole, etc.), then follows the PCT. For drying bondaged excellent combined with stanozolol.

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