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Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate,
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Boldever (Boldever) from, oral steroid, which is an anabolic drug that is characterized by great popularity among professional bodybuilders and athletes at the Amateur level.

First, the drug was administered in the veterinary field, then spread in the sports community, mainly in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Buy Boldever from, oral steroid, which usually wishes in order to stimulate muscle growth. With this appointment, the drug is not worse than methandienone, from the point of view of the final mass gain of muscles and increase strength.

The drug has some similarities with methandienone. Active substance – Boldenone (also called “Equipoise”) structurally resembles a molecule methandienone, however, excluded 17 – Alpha-methyl group. Her presence in the structure of methandienone makes possible the passage of the drug through the liver without destruction, however, it also makes the drug is toxic to the liver, can not be said about equipoise (boldenone). The lack of hepatotoxicity may be a very important reason to buy Boldever from, oral steroid, which.

In addition, it is important to note that after discontinuation of the drug are often observed minimum of the phenomenon of recoil, when using the drug according to the recommendations, as well as moderate the suppression of its own testosterone. It also affects the price boldever from, oral steroid, which.
Key benefits and effects

predominant lot of athletes that used Boldever for a course, declare not the fastest muscle gains, but noted the high quality of the muscles
develops the appetite and is raising the strength of an athlete
helps to improve power endurance, which is associated with hematopoiesis and improved nutrition of the organs and muscles with oxygen
activates the process of fat burning because of their anabolic activity, thereby achieving the relief of muscle and drawing the veins
can be used by women
Boldever not toxic to the liver, is not converted into estrogen
weakly affects the libido
minimally inhibits the secretion of testosterone
is characterized by a small recoil phenomenon
How is the course?
Use this medicine if you have the goal of building muscle. Boldever rarely used solo. Best results are achieved with combined use.

The period of the course boldever is 8-10 weeks. Injections are made at intervals of 7 days. The dose for injection is from 400 to 800 mg. Since Boldever operates prolonged, the need for frequently repeated injections missing.

Equipoise (Boldenone) — standard course

Week of the course

Equipoise — dosage

PCT — Clomid


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week




100-50 mg per day


50 mg per day


25 mg per day

After exiting the course after 2 weeks from the time of your last injection start post-cycle therapy. Use for your post-cycle therapy, Clomiphene or Tamoxifen. Can optionally apply a testosterone booster that will accelerate your restoration of a hormonal background after the course.

Boldever solo because it is very seldom used, best combination for muscle-building can be called a combination of boldever with any esters of testosterone or trenbolone (course shortened to 6 weeks, use an antiestrogen, and after PCT). For drying Boldever goes well with anavar and winstrol.

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