Brand: SP Laboratories (Moldova),
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate,
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Boldenone from SP Labs is quite popular in the community of bodybuilding steroid, also known under the trade name “Equipoise”.

The drug was originally intended to be used in veterinary matters, and then it became popular in bodybuilding. Equipoise was developed as a “long” version of methandienone, but in the end was derived steroid, with different properties.

In many respects this may explain the absence of 17-Alpha-methyl group in the molecule boldenone (from methandienone present which makes possible its passage through the liver without destruction). In this regard, we note that it is better to buy Equipoise from SP labs than Methandienone. The results obtained in the set of muscles and power will be almost the same, however, Boldenone is not characterized by toxic effects on the liver.

Buy Boldenone from SP Labs should also because it is essentially like a testosterone molecule with a double bond between the second and the first carbon atom. This chemical “modification” allowed boldenone to become as powerful as anabolic Testosterone index and to halve the androgen index (50% of testosterone). Price boldenone from SP Labs is quite high, but the drug is very rarely is characterized by manifestations of adverse reactions when used correctly.
What are the effects typical of the drug?

when using the drug noted although relatively slow but very high quality muscle growth and strength
the anabolic drug activity comparable to testosterone causes the process of burning fat
the drug promotes venous prorisovannost
it stimulates the appetite
by improving the processes of transport of oxygen to the muscles and blood – also increases strength endurance of the athlete
is no toxic effect on the liver and converted to estrogens
the weak androgenic activity of the drug does not affect libido
How to use the on cycles of the course?
Boldenone (Equipoise) is mainly considered as a steroid drug for increasing muscle mass. Solo is used infrequently.

Boldenone (Equipoise) is put in a dose of 400 to 800 mg every 7 days because it has a “long”. It is known that doses below 400 mg are often ineffective, and more than 800 mg does not lead to better performance, however, repeatedly will increase the risk of formation of side reactions. The boldenone course usually lasts 8-10 weeks.

Ending the cycle course, requires a post-cycle therapy. Two weeks after the abolition of boldenone start taking tamoxifen or clomiphene for PCT the standard scheme. Will not prevent taking testosterone boosters, which will improve the recovery process of synthesis of own testosterone.

Equipoise (Boldenone) — standard course

Week of the course

Equipoise — dosage

PCT — Clomid


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week


400-800 mg per week




100-50 mg per day


50 mg per day


25 mg per day

Equipoise is excellently suitable in conjunction with winstrol (stanozolol), and anavar for best drying, or trenbolone and testosterone – for best muscle-building (in this case, the course lasts 6 weeks and requires the intake of antiestrogens on the course, the need for post-cycle therapy is also).

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