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Esculap from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an innovative drug, which today is the most effective tool used to improve the quality and length of erections in men.

This drug is also known under the trade name “Cialis” or “Tadalafil”. Actually “Tadalafil” is the active the main active ingredient of this drug. Buy doctor from Balcan Pharmaceutical is recommended for men with erectile dysfunction or those males experiencing erection problems. Also purchase the medicine from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is relevant in the case of certain other sexual disorders.

Tadalafil is by its chemical nature is characterized as a potent selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase of the fifth type. Its use promotes relaxation of smooth muscles of the arteries, which improves blood flow in the penile tissues.

It is very important to note the fact that the drug does not manifest its activity, if there is no sexual stimulation that allows you to combine this drug without harm to their everyday life, and different prolonged effect on the body (up to 36 hours).

Despite the potential “side effects”, most of the men who had to deal with this drug, speak about it only positively, noting a long and stable erection. And although the price of Esculap from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is high enough, your money will be well spent, because the drug is working.
Unique effects and benefits of the drug

as a result of taking the drug, “Esculap” is achieved high quality, sustainable and long-lasting erection
the product is characterized by prolonged (long) action on the body up to thirty-six (36) hours
after ingestion it is quickly metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract and begins to act
erection occurs only with the presence of sexual “stimuli” and other factors influencing the emergence of sexual arousal, allowing the drug to interfere with everyday life
the drug also helps to improve the quality of the sensations that a man gets when reaching orgasm
the drug also helps to reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings in the penis, which gives the opportunity to prolong sexual intercourse

Approaches to the use of the drug “Esculap”
The drug “Esculap” is used orally as a medicinal form of the drug are tablets. In the use of this drug is not necessary to consider the number of meals during the day. The optimal dosage is 20 mg (one dose). The time after which the drug will start to work depends on the individual characteristics of the body and overall health. Often the drug works 30-36 hours after ingestion.

Examples of admission

Situational (if necessary)


Dosage per day (or situational)

20 mg (single)


20 mg


20 mg


20 mg


20 mg


20 mg


20 mg


20 mg

To take the drug is recommended no more than once a day, or immediately at the time when appropriate (for the situation). From similar preparations “Esculap” favorably differs in that it does not cause “side effects”. Between the action of the drug “Esculap” and “Viagra” it is possible to draw some Parallels.

It should be understood that “Esculap” is not a drug for the PCT. It will not help in restoring the natural secretion of endogenous testosterone and therefore cannot be used as a means of PCT.

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