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Shop “Vistered” provides an opportunity for anonymous order clenbuterol from Balcan and safely get the goods sent to New-York, Miami, Boston, Dallas, New York, Washington, San Francisco, San Francisco, and absolutely any other city in the USA!from Balkan Pharmaceuticals clenbuterol is almost the most popular fat burner pharmacological profile that is used in bodybuilding and many other sports disciplines.

Initially this drug was used for medical purposes and intended for treating patients with asthma, however, for at least the last two decades, the drug is effectively used in bodybuilding and other sports disciplines as the fat burner. All athletes want to buy from Balkan Pharmaceuticals clenbuterol in order to lose weight.

Fat burning mechanism of action of this drug is largely due to the increased secretion of natural hormones “thyroid”, the principal of which is thyroxine. The use of this drug can increase the metabolic rate by 20-30% from the baseline. Buy clenbuterol from Balcan Pharmaceutical can both men and women who wish to get rid of excess fat. This drug also has anti-catabolic effect, which acquires increased urgency in a period of weight loss.

Another very important factor that makes it attractive to the fat burner, is its cost. Price from clenbuterol Balkan Pharmaceuticals allows him to be available for almost everyone to acquire it.
Key features of fat burner

the key property of characteristic of the drug “clenbuterol” is the acceleration of metabolism, resulting in a possible significant increase in the rate of burning the fatty tissues of the body
the drug is also distinguished anti-catabolic effects, which is very profitable along with the fact that the drug is a fat burner
this fat burner is not classified as AAS (is not a steroid drug)
also the agent is moderate anabolic effect
increases heat production (i.e., increases the temperature, thereby speeds up the metabolism and burned fat tissue)
the drug strongly stimulates the CNS and provides the effect of “mental activation”
the drug will help suppress the appetite
increases strength and endurance
Diagram of correct reception
The drug “Clenbuterol” is characterized by some specifics, which should be considered in the process of its reception.

For men the average daily dosage is 120-140 mcg daily, whereas for women this dose is 80-100 mg daily. Often solo course “Clenbuterol” lasts up to two weeks, after which the body produces to him the tolerance and the efficacy is greatly reduced. For this reason you must break a period of two weeks. In the period of the break is used the drug “Ketotifen”. Without this drug, you will need a much longer break. After two weeks of break with ketotifenum you can repeat the same course “Clenbuterol”.

The standard approach to the admission of

clenbuterol (dosage)


20 mg


40 mg


60 mcg


80 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


100 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


100 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


80 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


60 mcg


40 mg


20 mg


Break 2 weeks and repeat cycle if needed

When using ketotifen course “Clenbuterol” can be extended even up to four weeks. Without it, it is recommended to take “Clenbuterol” on a “roller coaster”, ranging from a minimum dose to the maximum, then back to the minimal dose until complete discontinuation of the drug.

Taking “Clenbuterol” also it is recommended to use of cortisol blockers (BCAAs, whey protein). “Clenbuterol” can be used in conjunction with the thyroxine, but it can cause many “side effects” for which reason this approach is recommended only for experienced athletes.

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