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Substance: Clenbuterol,
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The ability to order clenbuterol from SP now provides the most reliable shop original steroids We will arrange fast delivery of Your order in New-York, Ostin, , Washington, Dallas, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Denver and in the rest of the USA!Clenbuterol from SP Laboratories is an effective drug (one of the most efficient fat loss), which became popular in the sports community because of its ability to burn fatty tissue.

This drug is used in bodybuilding and other sports disciplines as fat burner and is classified as a sports fat burners. It is effectively used by athletes with different training level. Buy clenbuterol from SP labs in order to lose weight is allowed for both men and women.

Very good price Clenbuterol from SP Laboratories also had a significant impact on the distribution of the drug in the sports community. The use of this drug in order to weight loss becomes doubly advantageous, given that it also has anti-catabolic properties (this is important because in the process of losing weight helps to protect muscle tissue from exposure to catabolic processes), along with the fact that contributes to the effective utilization of adipose tissue without taking anabolic steroid.

The mechanism of action is based on increased production of thyroid hormones, which stimulate lipolysis (breakdown of fat). The main hormone of this category is thyroxine. Also, the drug stimulates the increase of metabolic rate by 20-30% and increases body temperature (the heat production). This combination of factors can stimulate the Central nervous system and the processes of fat burning.
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pharmacological fat burner “SP Clenbuterol” is characterized by such an action, which greatly speeds up the metabolism, which helps to start the mechanism of utilization of fat body
being a pharmacological weight loss aid, this drug also has anti-catabolic characteristics and minor anabolic effects
this drug is not an anabolic steroid
during this drug increases heat production (it increases body temperature), which in turn also accelerates fat burning (lipolysis) and helps accelerate metabolism
taking this drug as a weight loss aid will be the effect of mental activation, which are associated with strong stimulation of the Central nervous system
suppressed appetite and increases strength along with stamina
The principles of correct reception
The drug “clenbuterol” has a certain specificity, which is important to consider prior to its use as a fat burner.

For representatives of the male and female provide for different doses of the drug. So, for men, the daily dose is 120-140 mcg, for women it is in the range of 80-100 µg.

Independent course of the drug “clenbuterol” lasts up to two weeks, then you need to do a two-week break because the body gets used to the drug and develops a tolerance to it, and therefore may decrease its effectiveness. In the two-week break should be consumed ketotifen (or need a longer break), and then the cycle of taking “clenbuterol” can again be repeated.

The standard approach to the admission of

clenbuterol (dosage)


20 mg


40 mg


60 mcg


80 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


100 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


100 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


80 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


60 mcg


40 mg


20 mg


Break 2 weeks and repeat cycle if needed

Together with ketotifenum course “clenbuterol” can be extended to four weeks. If you do not wish to use ketotifen, then take “clenbuterol” on a “roller coaster.” Starting with the lowest dose you gradually bring it to its maximum, and then gradually return to the minimum dosage and cancel the drug (this course is for two weeks).

During cycle you can use of cortisol blockers to preserve maximum muscle mass (fast protein, of BCAA). “clenbuterol” goes well with triiodothyronine (T3, thyroxine), but such coupling can cause many “side effects”, and therefore desirable only for experienced athletes.

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