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To order clenbuterol-Ver, oral steroid, which from today is using advanced shop sports pharmacology “VIP-Steroid”. We guarantee safe delivery and receipt of goods in Boston, Washington, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, New York, Miami, Las-Vegas, New-Orlean and other cities of the USA!from clenbuterol, oral steroid, which is a potent fat burner pharmacological category, which is very often used in the community of bodybuilding and fitness to burn fatty tissue.

This drug is a fat burner pharmacological profile, has earned its popularity in the athletic community for its ability to effectively stimulate the process of weight loss, mainly due to the loss of body fat (lipolysis). It was with this goal athletes and prefer to buy clenbuterol from, oral steroid, which.

This preparation is not classified as AAS (anabolic steroid) though distinct anti-catabolic properties, which is very important during drying and weight loss when it is especially important to reduce the activity of catabolic processes in the body.

Fat burning effect of this drug is that it stimulates the production of hormones “thyroid”, which themselves are natural fat burners. The main hormone of this group is thyroxine. Also, the drug increases the heat production (stimulated an increase in body temperature), which allows you to accelerate the metabolism of 20-30% of normal and thus “force” the body to burn fat.

Price from clenbuterol, oral steroid, which allows to classify this fat burner among the very affordable medications, as drug cost is very low.
Why you should buy clenbuterol from, oral steroid, which?

the drug “Clenbuterol” is characterized by a strong action aimed at burning fatty tissue in the body, which is achieved by significantly increasing the speed of metabolism
as a pharmacological weight loss aid, this drug also has anti-catabolic properties, making its use in order to lose weight quite appropriate
although the drug refers to the pharmacological fat burners, it still is not a steroid drug
the drug has slight anabolic properties
in the process of drug intake increases heat production, which also positively affects the metabolism and utilization of body fat
in the process of taking the drug may experience the effect of “mental activation” because it markedly stimulates the Central nervous system and reduces appetite, and increases strength, endurance
Bases of rational use of drug
The drug “Clenbuterol” is characterized by the specific features that are very important to consider before you begin the course.

For women and men there are different dosages of this drug. So, for women daily dosage is in the range of 80-100 mcg whereas for men, it is 120-140 mcg. “Solo” course of the drug “Clenbuterol” lasts about two weeks, after which, the body produces a tolerance to it and the effectiveness of the drug decreases, therefore requires a break of two weeks or more. During the break, used ketotifen – without it, you need a longer break. Or alternatively, is used ketotifen along with clenbuterol. Two weeks later, after consuming the ketotifen course “Clenbuterol” can be repeated.

The standard approach to the admission of

clenbuterol (dosage)


20 mg


40 mg


60 mcg


80 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


100 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


120 mcg + 2 tab. the ketotifen


100 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


80 mg + 1 tab. the ketotifen


60 mcg


40 mg


20 mg


Break 2 weeks and repeat cycle if needed

Complementing the course “Clenbuterol” ketotifenum you can extend it to 4 weeks. Without the use of such take the drug “Clenbuterol” in the system “slides”. Start with the lowest dosage, and gradually bring it to a maximum and then gradually return to the minimum dosage and complete the cycle.

In the course of use of cortisol blockers (BCAA, fast protein). You can also use “Clenbuterol” in combination with thyroxine (T3), however, this can cause a lot of adverse reactions, therefore it is recommended that only experienced athletes.

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