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Substance: Clomifene Citrate,
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Clomiver from, oral steroid, which is a highly effective drug from the group of aromatase blockers also characterized by anti-estrogen effect, used by many athletes as a part of post-cycle therapy.

The core of the preparation is active component of “clomiphene Citrate”. This drug is also known on the market of sports pharmacology under the trade name “Clomid”. Buy from Kloewer, oral steroid, which primarily recommended for use as a fixed asset in part of PCT.

In the period after leaving the course AAS, this drug is most valuable. It is used to restore the normal functioning of GGA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-testes) and restore the body’s own production of testosterone.

The mechanism of drug action is built on stimulating the production of GnRH. This hormone stimulates the secretion of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormone, which starts the production of the body’s own testosterone and allow the athlete to recover effectively after a course of AAS. Due to the low price Clomiphene from, oral steroid, which purchase the drug will be able to afford all athletes who require it.
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“Clomiver” is an effective blocker of estrogenic receptors, so it can contribute to leveling estrogenic “side effects”, such as “Gino”, the accumulation of fluid and other
in case of need can be used as an antiestrogen drug in the absence of alternatives
enhances the body’s production of luteinizing and along with the follicle stimulating hormone (LH and FSH) what caused the main property of the drug – the resumption of production of its own testosterone by the body after intake of AAS
stimulates libido and potency in men as well as the processes of spermatogenesis
reduces the manifestations of the phenomenon of recoil after a course of AAS
has less toxic effects on the body than Tamoxifen
suitable for holding a PCT after the course nandrolone and trenbolone
has minor anabolic and fat burning effects

Diagram use post-cycle therapy
Take “Clomiver” after the excretion of all steroids you used. You need to be informed about the period of their complete elimination from the body. Typically, complete removal is from 2-3 days (for short steroids such as Anapolon) to 2-3 weeks (for long steroids such as Testosterone Cypionate).

The required dosage of the drug “Clomiver” is calculated individually in each case depends on the nature of the course. It is important to consider what has taken steroids, for how long and in what doses. The more drugs were used in the period of the course, the more long-term and in higher dosages, these drugs were used – especially long, and in large doses is required to take Clomid.

Application example clomid PCT course on “Nandrolone + test e”


Nandrolone D

Test E

Clomid (PCT)


200 mg weekly


200 mg weekly


200 mg weekly


200 mg weekly


200 mg weekly

250 mg a week


200 mg weekly

250 mg a week


200 mg weekly

250 mg a week


200 mg weekly

250 mg a week



100 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


25 mg daily

After the “heavy” courses you can use the drug in this order: in the first week the drug is used in a dose of 100 mg per day, then three weeks at 50 mg daily and 25 mg daily for another two weeks. In the case if the course was conducted in accordance with all the recommendations, requires a smaller dose and period of using the drug “Clomiver”.

A key indicator of demand in the “Clomiver” is the result of your analysis to the level of the testosterone. After receiving the “Clomiver” he needs to get back to that figure that was before the course.

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