Brand: Balkan Pharmaceutical (Moldova),
Substance: Letrozole,
Package: 20tab2,5mg


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Letrozole from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a highly effective drug, which has anti-estrogenic activity, the most commonly used in bodybuilding for prophylaxis estrogenic adverse reactions.

In fact this drug is the third generation of anti-estrogen drugs. Buy Letrozole from Balcan Pharmaceutical be advisable only for the reason that of its efficiency and security it is superior to most of similar products.

The primary use of this drug observed in order to treat certain diseases in women, however, after revealing its high efficiency of anti-estrogenic drug has found its application in sports practice, mainly in bodybuilding.

Buy Letrozole from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is recommended to prophylaxis estrogenic “side effects” such as gynecomastia, high blood pressure and accumulation of fluid. Also, the product can be used at the first signs of adverse reactions estrogenic nature during a course of anabolic steroids.

It is important to pay attention to relatively low cost of this drug. Price letrozole from Balkan Pharmaceuticals has a rather high availability and efficiency of its operation is even any doubt.
Benefits and key properties

quick, almost instant suppression of estrogenic activity in the body that reduce the activity of estrogen to 75-90% from the baseline
the increase in the level of endogenous testosterone via feedback mechanism
high level of absorption of the drug (the drug can be taken without reference to the meals)
not characterized by progestogenic activity
not classified as AAS, that is not a steroid drug
low incidence of adverse reactions
is a modern aromatase inhibitor of the third generation
the drug can be used not only to prevent but also to eliminate estrogenopodobnoe adverse reactions when the first symptoms
How to take the drug during the period of the course?
The drug “Letrozol” taken orally, as its dosage form are tablets. The drug has a high degree of bioavailability and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, and therefore allowed its admission, regardless of meals. After taking the drug in the bloodstream up to 99% of active ingredient. Although eating and can slow down the absorption of the drug into the blood, the clinical significance of this will not have. The drug will have a therapeutic effect already after 1-2 hours after ingestion.

An example of acceptance on the course enanthate


Test E

Letrozole (daily or every other day)


250-500 mg a week


250-500 mg a week

0,5-2,5 mg


250-500 mg a week

0,5-2,5 mg


250-500 mg a week

0,5-2,5 mg


250-500 mg a week

0,5-2,5 mg


250-500 mg a week

0,5-2,5 mg


0,5-2,5 mg



Approaches to this drug is largely similar to that of anastrozole. The drug can be applied to prevent estrogenic “side effects”, and for the treatment of primary signs of estrogenic adverse reactions. For prophylaxis the drug is taken in a dose of 0.5-2.5 mg every day (every single day, every other day or every third day from the start of the course (or in 2-3 weeks from launch)). In order to eliminate primary signs of adverse reactions associated with the estrogens, the drug is accepted from the moment of detection of such signs until their exclusion in the dose of 2.5 mg daily.

These dosages are average. A more precise regimen of the drug must be determined individually, preferably by a specialist given the fact how expressed adverse reactions used steroid drugs and other important factors.

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