Brand: Golden Dragon (China),
Substance: Oxandrolone,
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Anavarged from Golden Dragon anabolic drug destined for oral use, one of the leaders of the world market of sports pharmacology, the Chinese company Golden Dragon.

Anavarged contains as active substance Oxandrolone, which is also found on the market under the trade name “Anavar”. The drug is used for sporting purposes for more than fifty years. Most just buy anavarged from Golden Dragon wish those athletes that have set a goal to improve the definition of the muscle and make it more “solid”. Considerable popularity the medicine has gained among the speakers and athletes female. Women are able, though with some specifics, to consume this drug without the risk of androgenic “side effects”. Most often to buy Anavarged from Golden Dragon women want to apply on a cycle of drying.

Although the drug belongs by virtue of its chemical nature to the 17-alkilirovanny anabolic steroids, it is still characterized by a very low (almost absent), toxic effects on the liver and its function. This makes possible the use of the drug, particularly beginners and other athletes that wish to reduce the risks of potential “side effects”. Also important is the fact that the drug is absolutely not prone to conversion into estrogen. Considering all these factors, the price Anavarged from Golden Dragon to be justifiable, although it is available to many athletes.
The key effects of the drug

aktiviziruyutsya processes associated with the active breakdown of fat, thereby achieving a beautiful muscular relief and muscle hardness is a key property of this drug
anavarged contributes to a significant increase in the power data of the athlete
promotes the ability of body tissues to insulin sensitivity, along with the activation of secretion “own” growth hormone
the drug anavarged can be used by athletes female
rapidly improves the function of the immune system
toxic effects on liver function and other side effects often occur only if you use unnecessarily high dosages
the chemical nature of oxandrolone eliminates the possibility of aromatization of the drug
Approaches to the use of the drug on the course
The course of the drug Anavarged preferred for athletes with well-developed muscles. The aim of the course is the burning of excess adipose tissue of the body, preserving maximum percentage of dry weight of muscle.

Anavarged start with a dose of 20 mg per day (minimal dose) divided into two doses during the day. If necessary, when observing the body’s normal reaction to the drug, may increase the daily dose to 40 mg to be split already into three stages. Course length – not more than 5-6 weeks, which is enough for the manifestation of the drug peak performance.

Solo course


Anavar (daily dose divided into several meals)

PCT – Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

1 week

20 mg daily

2 week

40 mg daily

3 week

40-80 mg daily

4 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 5

40-80 mg daily

6 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 7

20-10 mg per day

8 week

10 mg per day

9 week

10 mg per day

Anavarged inhibits the production of natural testosterone, and therefore requires a post-cycle therapy. Tamoxifen is taken in a dosage of 10 mg daily for 1-2 weeks.

If you want to not only “dry”, but also to build lean muscle mass, thus reducing the risk of side effects, then combine Anavarged with androgenic steroids – sustanon, primobolan and testosterone esters. These courses Anavarged used in the range of 40 mg per day.

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