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Oxandrolone from Olymp Labs – almost one of the most safe steroid drugs in bodybuilding, from the well-known Turkish pharmaceutical manufacturer intended for oral use.

The drug Oxandrolone is permissible to classify 17-alkilirovanii anabolic drugs, which are often known to moderate toxic effect on liver function (and the level of liver enzymes); however, this drug is an exception. Research allow to speak about its impact on the level of liver enzymes only when using ultra-high doses. In this connection, to acquire the Oxandrolone from Olymp Labs will be very helpful even for those who will be taking steroids for the first time and feared “side effects”.

Mild androgenic characteristics of the drug (only a quarter of testosterone) makes possible the use of the drug even athletes women. Because of this, buy Oxandrolone from Olymp labs recommended to women that wish to enhance the definition of his muscles. The drug is particularly loved by the athletes “small” weight category from the sphere of athletics, Boxing, as it allows to significantly improve the strength, despite the fact that current body weight is maintained.

The price oxandrolone from Olymp Labs in General will be quite acceptable for many athletes wishing to purchase the drug, and considering the potential effects that can “give” the drug, its cost can be called justified.
Effects characteristic of the drug

significantly aktiviziruyutsya the process of lipolysis, that is, the splitting of fatty deposits, which beneficially affects the formation of muscle definition and strength of your muscles
rapidly increases strength and increases the synthesis of “natural” growth hormone, and also contributes to increased susceptibility of the cells of the body insulin
allowed the use of the drug by female athletes (though with some specificity)
Oxandrolone is a drug that markedly stimulates the body’s immune defenses
the toxic influence on the liver function and other “side effects” appear only in the irrational use of high doses of the drug
no conversion into estrogen, that will prevent the athlete from estrogenic “side effects”
How to use the course?
The cycle of the course in the format of solo, with the use of oxandrolone, it is recommended to athletes with sufficient muscle mass, which have the goal of burning fat in order to preserve maximum lean muscles.

The course begins with oxandrolone 20 milligrams of the drug per day (must be split into 2 doses) with subsequent dose escalation up to 40 mg per day (divided into 3 doses), if required and if the body is adequately perceives the drug. Not recommended receiving more than 80 mg per day, and the duration of the course should not count more than 6 weeks since the greatest effectiveness of the drug show it is for a period of time.

Solo course


Anavar (daily dose divided into several meals)

PCT – Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

1 week

20 mg daily

2 week

40 mg daily

3 week

40-80 mg daily

4 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 5

40-80 mg daily

6 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 7

20-10 mg per day

8 week

10 mg per day

9 week

10 mg per day

Because the rate of inhibited natural Testosterone is required for post-cycle therapy. It starts 2 days after withdrawal of the drug Oxandrolone through the use of tamoxifen (10 mg per day for two weeks).

To prevent side reactions, in particular related to libido recommended to use oxandrolone in combination with androgenic drugs – testosterone, sustanon and primobolan. In this case, the dosage of oxandrolone should not go over the limit of 40 mg a day.

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