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Substance: Oxandrolone,
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Oxandrolonos from Pharmacom Labs – effective anabolic steroid drug manufactured by Pharmacom Labs, on the basis of the substance “Oxandrolone” in pill form.

Oxandrolonos the drug, also known under the trade name “Anavar”, which was developed in 1964, is one of the most impressive in the aspect impact of steroid drugs that is primarily used for “drying” of the muscles. Buy oxandrolonos from Pharmacom in this regard, it is recommended that in order “drying”, since among medications of this purpose he is leader in the market of sports pharmacology.

Buy Oxandrolonos from Pharmacom Labs is also advisable because of its impressive steroid profile drug, four times more powerful than testosterone”s anabolic characteristic and has only a quarter of the androgenic activity of testosterone.

Along with this, the drug also has other advantages. So, for example, it can be attributed to one of the most powerful immunomodulatory steroid drugs. oxandrolonos able to increase the susceptibility of organic tissues to insulin. The use of the drug in moderate doses, very rarely provokes adverse reactions, making it a valid technique, even for beginners. Price Oxandrolonos from Pharmacom Labs is quite high, but the drug it is entirely justified.
Typical properties

the main purpose of the drug in bodybuilding the requirements for the formation of muscle definition, muscle hardness, which also makes it distinct fat burning effect
the drug allows to stimulate the secretion of endogenous growth hormone
perceptible increase in power terms (for this property of the drug is also popular among members of the athletics and other athletes, particularly light-weight category)
a very pronounced immunomodulatory effect
increases the susceptibility of organic tissues to the hormone insulin
toxic to the liver only in very high doses
is not subjected to aromatization due to the fact that there is a derivative of the natural androgen dihydrotestosterone
Use features on the course
Format solo use of this drug may be recommended athletes have enough muscle and want to get rid of excess fat in the body, maintaining lean muscles.

The cycle starts with minimum of 20 mg per day, divided into two doses during the day. Through time the dose is increased to 40 mg a day distributed in 3 doses during the day. The maximum allowable daily dose is 80 mg in the absence of any side effects your course must not last more than 5-6 weeks (for the time period of the drug show maximum effectiveness).

Solo course


Anavar (daily dose divided into several meals)

PCT – Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

1 week

20 mg daily

2 week

40 mg daily

3 week

40-80 mg daily

4 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 5

40-80 mg daily

6 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 7

20-10 mg per day

8 week

10 mg per day

Week 9

10 mg per day

Like many anabolic drugs, oxandrolonos also suppresses own Testosterone. For PCT use Tamoxifen 10 mg daily (1-2 weeks), two days after discontinuation of the drug oxandrolonos.

To increase overall performance and neutralize the possible “side effects”, we recommend combining with sustanon, testosterone, primobolan. This approach will allow not only to improve the definition of muscle, but also ensure the growth of lean muscle. On the combined cycle oxandrolonos dosage should not exceed 40 mg per day.

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