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From Radjay Pharm Oxandrolone oral anabolic steroid drugs from quite popular among athletes Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer, on the basis of substances “Oxandrolone”.

This drug is also known in the community of athletes under a different name – “Anavar”. Buy Oxandrolone from rajai farm mainly recommended for those athletes that have the goal to eliminate fat tissue in order to create muscle definition and “hardness” of the muscle. With the same purpose, very often to buy Oxandrolone from Radjay Pharm want speakers and athletes female.

Oxandrolone should be considered to group 17-alkilirovanii steroid drugs. Often, the drugs in this group (for example, Methandienone) has been considered to be even moderately, but still such that affect the level of liver enzymes, and thus have a toxic effect on the liver. However, such characteristics are not typical for the drug Oxandrolone.

Its molecule is characterized in that the second carbon atom is substituted by an oxygen atom. This allows him to be four times stronger than testosterone in anabolic component, and have four times less pronounced androgenic component. A complete lack of conversion of the active substance (Oxandrolone) into estrogen is also a significant advantage of the drug, although the price Oxandrolone from Radjay Pharm is very accessible to many athletes.
The most pronounced properties

promotes activation of the processes associated with lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of fatty tissue through which it becomes possible to achieve a pronounced definition of the muscles (one of the main effects of the drug)
achieved a significant increase in the power rate data of the athlete
the drug increases the secretion of HGH and also stimulates the susceptibility of organic tissues in the body to insulin
it is possible to use the drug in women’s bodybuilding, without fear of the manifestations of virilization
increases immunity and sustainable dosage is no toxic effect on the liver
in virtue of the chemical nature of oxandrolone, no aromatization (conversion to estrogen)
Terms of use on the course
Because the drug Oxandrolone is one of the best for drying, the most preferred independent course on the basis of this medication is for those athletes that want to lose excess fat and preserve lean muscle mass.

Start your course with the minimal daily dose of 20 mg, which is distributed into two doses. If necessary and subject to the normal tolerance of the drug Oxandrolone, a higher dose to 40 milligrams per day (distributed into 3 doses throughout the day). The cycle continues until 5-6 weeks, which was often enough to display all of the properties of this drug.

Solo course


Anavar (daily dose divided into several meals)

PCT – Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

1 week

20 mg daily

2 week

40 mg daily

3 week

40-80 mg daily

4 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 5

40-80 mg daily

6 week

40-80 mg daily

Week 7

20-10 mg per day

8 week

10 mg per day

9 week

10 mg per day

During the course of endogenous Testosterone is inhibited, and therefore it is necessary to conduct a post-cycle therapy. The PCT was adopted by Tamoxifen in a dose of 10 mg per day for one to two weeks.

For maximum effect, in particular and build lean muscle mass, it is recommended that a combination of the drug Oxandrolone with androgenic drugs – with any air of testosterone, sustanon or primobolan. In such combinations Oxandrolone dosage should not exceed 40 mg per day.

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