Brand: Balkan Pharmaceutical (Moldova),
Substance: Oxymetholone,
Package: 100tab50mg


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Anapolon (Anapolon) from Balkan Pharmaceuticals strong anabolic steroid, the basis of which the active substance Oxymetholone, produced in the form of tablets known Moldavian manufacturer. Order Anapolon from “Balcan” is available through our store.

As a tool in the Arsenal of sports pharmacology the drug was fixed immediately. Initially its use was limited to therapeutic purposes in the medical field, in particular it was applied to people with anemia, but when it was developed by non-steroidal drugs for the same purpose, buy Anapolon from Balcan Pharma began to seek primarily athletes.

Although this steroid will belong to the group of 17-Alpha-alkylated steroid drug that makes possible the passage of metabolic reactions in the liver without destruction of the hepatic enzymes, all toxic effects typically only at very high doses. Buy Anapolon from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is appropriate even for beginners in the use of steroid drugs, if the athlete decided to use a new approach to training. The drug is very well able to meet the expectations of the “first course.”

The price Anapolon from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is quite acceptable for a broad category of athletes, and given decades of proven efficacy, the purchase is quite appropriate.
Properties and effects

the drug Anapolon allow you to achieve the intensive growth of muscle mass, which will lead to gain 12-15 kg of muscle in a relatively short course) that is associated primarily with the acceleration of protein synthesis in muscle cells
elevated erythropoietin and hemoglobin also will help to increase endurance, and along with it will experience and increase in power
as individually shown properties, the drug can deprive you of the pain in the ligaments and joints, which is manifested not always
the drug is able to suppress SHBG (globulin that binds sex hormones), and thereby may increase the bioavailability be taken together “anabolics”
The use of the drug
Anapolon (Anapolon) is among the best oral steroids used in order to greatly accelerate the process of muscle growth and achieve a significant increase in muscle mass.

Course format solo drug Anapolon (Anapolon) lasts 4-6 weeks. This period, basically, enough that the drug was able to show all its properties, especially in the aspect of the set of muscle mass. Dose, which should be considered optimal for virtually any athlete – 50 mg daily, but experienced athletes sometimes bring it to 100 mg, which however, does not guarantee better results. Usually the drug is used in the same dosage throughout the cycle.

The course anapolon (oxymetholone) in the format of “solo”





50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


100 mg daily


50 mg daily


50-25 mg daily

After discontinuation of the drug is mandatory for post-cycle therapy (after 2-3 days). According to the standard scheme used PCT Clomid or toremifene, but not Tamoxifen, because it has the risk of progestinami side effects.

To improve outcomes and reduce risks “side effects” Anapolon (Anapolon) is allowed to use in conjunction with testosterone, primobolan or boldenone but not with trenbolone or DECA (due to progestin-only activity drugs).

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