Brand: British Dispensary (Thailand),
Substance: Oxymetholone,
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Anadrol from British Dispensary is a synthetic oral steroid medicine, one of the most powerful in bodybuilding to stimulate muscle growth.

Active substance Oxymetholone and preparations on its basis are available from 1960-ies. The drug that is also known under the name “Anapolon” was originally released for the treatment of anemia and stimulation of muscle growth the “weak” patients. Then, he was anchored in bodybuilding as preparation for the intensification of muscle growth. Most athletes want to buy Anadrol from British Dispensary this purpose.

A feature and advantage of this drug before many other steroids lies in the fact that it allows very markedly stimulate muscle growth, allowing you to add up to 15 pounds of muscle in one cycle! Because of this, buy Anadrol from British Dispensary is often recommended for beginners who want to dramatically gain weight.

A steroid profile of the drug is quite impressive. The anabolic index reaches 320% of testosterone, that is the drug is three times stronger than Testosterone. Androgen index, only 45% of testosterone, that is twice less testosterone. Price of anadrol from British Dispensary is high, however, the drug fully justifies its cost.
The effects of the drug

intensificare muscle growth, with a potential increase in weight up to 15 kg per cycle, which is very much even accounting for possible rollback – up to 30%
increase strength (effect is due to the increase in weight), but may also increase stamina
sometimes athletes report to neutralize pain in joints and improvements, which may be due to increased production of joint lubricant, but this effect manifested itself not all athletes
increased synthesis of erythropoietin and hemoglobin in the body
stimulates protein synthesis in muscles
inhibited SHBG – the sex hormone binding globulin, which contributes to better bioavailability of other steroid drugs, as well as its own testosterone
How to use the course?
Anadrol is intended for intense muscular growth. The optimal course length is 4 to 6 weeks. The best results are achieved over a period of time and then the effectiveness of the drug decreases, but increases the risk of “side effects”.

For drug Anadrol maximum daily dose has 100 mg. For beginners and athletes at the Amateur level enough 50 mg daily, allowing you to obtain good results. Over dosage is unlikely to improve performance, but may trigger adverse reactions the drug is held in a stable dose from the beginning to the end of the cycle.

Rate of anadrol in the format of “solo”





50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


100 mg daily


50 mg daily


50-25 mg daily

Anadrol combines well with testosterone, boldenone or primobolan, which will further improve the results in building muscle. The combination with DECA, or trenbolone is not allowed because of the risk of mutual amplification of adverse reactions associated with progestin-only activity.For post-cycle therapy, Clomid or toremifene the standard scheme. Tamoxifen is not suitable due to the fact that it stimulates progesterone receptors.

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