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Oxymetos from Pharmacom Labs is one of the most powerful anabolic Supplement in pill form that is used in bodybuilding for over fifty years for intensive growth of muscle mass. To order from Pharmacom really Oximato through our store.

The basis of preparation Oxymetos lies Oxymetholone (the active ingredient). Preparations on the basis of oxymetholone are manufactured and sold in the market of sports pharmacology 1960-ies. Buy Oximeter from Pharmacom most often wish for his reputation, which he has purchased for its ability to help achieve a rapid and tangible growth of muscle mass. For such purposes, to purchase Oxymetos from Pharmacom Labs I wish the athletes of all different levels want most often.

Previously, it was widely believed that a large proportion of the gain in mass on a cycle of taking this drug accounts for the accumulation of water, but today often there are situations when speakers athletes use Oxymetos directly on precontest preparation and thus they have not observed excessive accumulation of fluid in the body.

In addition, the drug characteristic and other advantages. On the course he not only is not subject to aromatization, but also because of their chemical nature are able to inhibit the sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and this indirectly affects the bioavailability of other steroids used in conjunction. This is reflected in the price Oxymetos from Pharmacom Labs, however, available to many athletes.
The most characteristic effects

the drug Oxymetos allows to achieve a significant acceleration of growth of muscles due to the increased rate of resynthesis of muscle protein that leads to gain 10-15 pounds of muscle in a relatively short course
the drug affects the levels of erythropoietin and hemoglobin, and this helps to improve the endurance and also will feel the increase in power
as individually shown the effect celebrates the ability of the drug Oxymetos to eliminate pain in joints and ligaments, which may be due to improved secretion of synovial fluid
inhibiting SHBG, the drug contributes to better bioavailability of other steroids taken together
Approaches to the use of the drug
The active ingredient of the drug Oxymetos – Oxymetholone bodybuilding gained popularity as a means to stimulate intense muscle mass gain in a relatively short period of time, which causes mainly the use of the drug in such order.

Independent cycle therapy drug Oxymetos continues within 4-6 weeks. This time period is often enough to make the drug fully demonstrated their capabilities in terms of muscle growth. Experienced athletes can bring the daily dosage of the drug to 100 mg, but for most even the competing athletes is enough 50 mg of the drug per day. Higher doses does not guarantee better productivity.

The course anapolon (oxymetholone) in the format of “solo”





50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


100 mg daily


50 mg daily


50-25 mg daily

Completing the cycle, start post-cycle therapy with the support of toremifene or clomid. Do not take Tamoxifen, as it may provoke adverse reactions associated with progestins.

A better performance and a reduced risk of developing adverse reactions is achieved by a good combination of oxymetholone. Best drug Oxymetos combined with boldenone, primobolan and testosterone. It is not allowed to bundle with oxymetholone nandrolone or trenbolone (because progestin-only nature of the latter).

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