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Substance: Oxymetholone,
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Androver is the most effective oral steroid drug, which has an impressive profile steroid used in bodybuilding for over fifty years. Order from Androver, oral steroid, which is available through our store.

In the community of bodybuilding this drug has a reputation as such that can help to achieve pronounced and rapid growth of the muscles. Buy Androver from athletes, oral steroid, which are for use on cycles weight. The active ingredient of the drug Oxymetholone is the chemical nature of one of the preparations of 17-Alpha-alkilirovanny group that allows you to talk about its possible toxic effect on the liver and the level of liver enzymes, but, nevertheless, the use of steroid in moderate doses, such impact remains moderate.

Buy Androver from, oral steroid, which want not only the athletes at the Amateur level, but the pros of bodybuilding, I prefer connect this steroid on tournament preparations. Previously, it was widely believed that the increase in the weight of oxymetholone is more concerned with the accumulation of water that turned out to be not true.

Despite the rather high effectiveness of the drug, and that he is not prone to conversion into estrogen, avoiding estrogen “side effects”, price from Androver, oral steroid, which still is fairly affordable for a large category of athletes, whereby the drug is very popular in sports practice.
The main characteristics and effects typical of the drug

in “support” of the drug Androver you will be able to achieve the intensification of muscle growth, which will potentially make it possible to gain 12-15 kg of muscle mass, and it is very impressive, even taking into account the likely pullback
accelerated resynthesis of amino acids into muscle cells
by increasing erythropoietin and hemoglobin levels will be improved endurance
also “grow up” and power data
individually the effect associated with reducing pain in the joints and ligaments that can communicate with the best production of synovial fluid
by inhibiting SHBG, the possible indirect effect of increasing the health of other drugs that are used in conjunction with oxymetholone
About the use
The drug Androver (Androver) today is one of the most productive and proven oral steroids, which are aimed at the intense stimulation of muscle growth. In this regard, the best drug to use to build muscle.

Monomers with the use of the drug Androver (Androver) lasts no more than 6 weeks, which is enough for the manifestation of maximum efficiency of the active substance of the drug is oxymetholone. The optimal dose, which has sufficient efficiency and minimal risk of “side effects” – 50 mg per day, although experienced athletes sometimes bring it to 100 mg per day, which promises the best effect. The drug is usually used in the same from the beginning to the end of the course dose.

The course anapolon (oxymetholone) in the format of “solo”





50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


50 mg daily


100 mg daily


50 mg daily


50-25 mg daily

Mandatory after release from a course, you need post-cycle therapy. Taken by a standard scheme PCT Clomid or toremifene. Tamoxifen is not taken because of the tendency to increase the susceptibility progesterone receptors.

To increase the productivity cycle Androver (Androver) are best to combine with esters of testosterone, boldenone or primobolan. Does not combine the drug with progestinami steroids – trenbolone and DECA (nandrolone).

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