Brand: British Dispensary (Thailand),
Substance: Methenolone Enanthate,
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Primobolan by British Dispensary – a steroid medication intended for injection use, characterized by wide popularity in the community of bodybuilding.

The active ingredient of this drug is methenolone enanthate due to its chemical structure resembles the molecule dihydrotestosterone. Being its derivative, the agent is weakly androgenic index and is moderately strong anabolic. This characteristic steroid profile of the drug allows for the possibility to buy Primobolan from British Dispensary even for use in women’s bodybuilding.

Otherwise, the best use of the drug is the period of work on improving the prominence of muscles, when the sportsman is aiming to grow muscle, but rather seeks to preserve the maximum proportion of lean muscles. Many bodybuilders want to buy Primobolan from British Dispensary for such purposes.

Among the important advantages of the drug can be noted that it is very slightly inhibits the level of own testosterone. Most often this occurs when too lengthy cycles and high doses of the drug. Price Primobolan from British Dispensary injectable form is predominantly more affordable than the cost of a tablet form of the drug. Primobolan from British Dispensary is manufactured in vials with 100 mg of active ingredient.
What are the characteristic properties of the drug?

the drug Primobolan will speed up the metabolism, which activates the splitting of fat tissue, and its powerful anticatabolic impact will make it possible to keep the muscles and giving relief
half androgen index than those of testosterone allows the use of this steroid in women’s bodybuilding
chemical features of the molecules methenolone that allow us to compare it with dihydrotestosterone, cause the lack of conversion into estrogen
slightly reduced the production of endogenous testosterone during the course, and along with this is not observed harmful effects of the drug on the liver
during the course you also gain strength
On the application
Preparations on the basis of methenolone, including Primobolan from British Dispensary are best suited for use directly in the process of drying cycle, in order to maximize the preservation of dry muscle mass and achieve relief of muscle. Best drug to cope with these tasks.

Methenolone enanthate — solo course


Methenolone (injections)

Post-cycle therapy


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week





Tamoxifen – 30-20 mg per day


Tamoxifen – 20-10 mg / day


Tamoxifen – 10 mg per day

The course lasts up to 8 weeks (two months). This period of time is often enough to drug Primobolan is able to Express the maximum efficiency in the aspect of drawing muscles, burning fat. Injections are performed every 7 days at a dose of 400 mg 3 weeks after the cancellation of this drug start post-cycle therapy. PCT is based on the standard rules. When properly constructed course side effects practically are not typical.

Given the weak anabolic index, the drug Primobolan is often recommended in conjunction with other pharmaceutical industry. In particular, for the formation of more pronounced relief of muscle can be combined with winstrol, and to build muscle – with nandrolone, testosterone, sustanon, dianabol or anapolon.

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