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Metenolone Enanthate from Radjay Pharm – a steroid medication intended for injectable use, popular among many athletes for use on cycles forming the relief of the muscles.

A key feature of this drug is its prolonged impact on the body. In this regard, the drug is often compared with testosterone enanthate (for the prolonged nature of the action). And although the injections are quite painful, due to the lack of need often to repeat them, many athletes still prefer to buy Methenolone enanthate from rajai farm.

Price Metenolone Enanthate from Radjay Pharm and other manufacturers injectable form is often lower than the cost of a similar drug is intended for oral administration. In addition, some of methenolone when passing through the liver partially destroys its enzymes, which is not typical for the injectable form.

The main purpose of the drug, as has already been stated – using the drying cycles. In this role, the drug is his best. So, buy Metenolone Enanthate from Radjay Pharm be advisable not to stimulate muscle growth, and to maximize their conservation in the course of intensive work on a qualitative definition (relief) muscle.
Properties and effects that are achieved with the drug

steroid drug Metenolone Enanthate will make it possible to increase metabolism and expressed the burning of fatty tissue that to best protect the dry weight of the muscles from the catabolic effects during the “drying” because the drug is a strong anticatabolic
very little androgenic index, which constitutes only half of testosterone, have made possible the use of the drug women
chemical structure of Metenolone Enanthate which allows to compare it with dihydrotestosterone causes a lack of flavor
insignificantly inhibited the production of endogenous testosterone and practically no hepatotoxic effects
promotes the development of power on the course
The use of features on the course
The drug Metenolone Enanthate is the most appropriate to apply on the drying cycles, because in this period, the drug demonstrates the highest efficiency, helping to eliminate extra fat and saving the maximum dry weight of the muscles when working at the definition (relief).

Cycle rate Metenolone Enanthate lasts no more than two months (8 weeks). This time is mainly enough, that the drug was able to show all its advantages. Injections are given once every seven (7) days in a dose of 400 mg as the ester enanthate ensures prolonged nature of the impact.

Methenolone enanthate — solo course


Methenolone (injections)

Post-cycle therapy


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week





Tamoxifen – 30-20 mg per day


Tamoxifen – 20-10 mg / day


Tamoxifen – 10 mg per day

3 weeks after discontinuation of the drug Metenolone Enanthate be sure to perform a post-cycle therapy, based on common principles and rules of the PCT. Note that Metenolone Enanthate is not characterized by the development of the “side effects” when properly prepared course.

Metenolone Enanthate is well combined with other sports pharmacology. Thus, to obtain better results in the drying of the muscles – do a bunch of Metenolone Enanthate with winstrol, and to gain quality muscles, with testosterone, sustanon, Dianabol, or nandrolone.

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