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Substance: Methenolone Enanthate,
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Primover (Primover), oral steroid, which from – high quality steroid drug that is popular in the bodybuilding community as the drug contributing to the preservation of the muscles on the drying cycles.

Primover (Primover) is a steroid with a prolonged nature of the effects on the body that can be linked with the active ingredient methenolone enanthate. Methenolone molecule attached to the enanthate ester, which provides a long-term effect of the drug. In practice this means you can often avoid having to give injections, what could be a compelling argument to buy Primover from, oral steroid, which for those athletes that are poorly located to the injections.

In terms of impact on the body this drug is often compared to masteron, whereas duration of exposure, it is more similar to testosterone enanthate. The conditional drawback of the injectable form of methenolone often referred pain injections, however, should not become the deciding factor in the question of whether to buy Primover from, oral steroid, which.

Methenolone is slightly suppresses the secretion of natural testosterone in the body. So, its inhibitory effect is much less pronounced than that of nandrolone or testosterone. Price Primover from, oral steroid, which in injectable form is lower than the cost of methenolone for oral use.
The main advantages of the drug

a drug Primover (Primover) you will experience a higher rate of metabolism that will allow you to activate the accelerated combustion of fat body to achieve a relief of muscles
anti-catabolic effect will help to protect lean muscle mass from the effects of catabolic hormones (cortisol)
androgen index, that expressed less than half than the testosterone opens up opportunities for the drug use of women in sports
the drug Primover (Primover) does not aromatize, and therefore excluded such adverse reactions as gynecomastia and fluid retention
moderately inhibited the secretion of endogenous testosterone and do not have toxic effects on the liver
during the course you will feel the increase in power
How is the course?
Best drug Primover (Primover) can be used to obtain the muscular definition and the conservation of the dry mass of muscles during work on the terrain, that is, drying of the muscles. In this regard, the drug is more suitable for athletes with a developed muscle mass and moderate fat content.

Cycle rate Primover (Primover) lasts up to two months (8 weeks). Eight weeks is enough for you to be able to enjoy the benefits of the drug. The drug Primover (Primover) is put in a dose of 400 mg every 7 days. 3 weeks after its cancellation requires a post-cycle therapy. PCT is based on General rules and principles. For a drug Primover (Primover) at a reasonable its application is rarely characterized by the development of adverse reactions.

Methenolone enanthate — solo course


Methenolone (injections)

Post-cycle therapy


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week


400 mg a week





Tamoxifen – 30-20 mg per day


Tamoxifen – 20-10 mg / day


Tamoxifen – 10 mg per day

Given the moderately strong anabolic effect Primover (Primover) make better use of the drug in conjunction with other steroids. For better drying with stanozolol. For muscle growth with testosterone, sustanon, Dianabol, anapolon, oxymetholone, nandrolone.

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