Brand: Vermodje (Moldova),
Substance: Methenolone Acetate,
Package: 25tab50mg


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Primover from, oral steroid, which oral steroid drug that is characterized by a moderate (mild) anabolic effects and mild androgenic characteristics.

Buy from primover, oral steroid, which is the most sensible choice would be for athletes that wish during the drying cycle to preserve dry muscle mass, which is not always possible in conditions of special diet and other restrictions associated with “drying”.

In this preparation the active substance is methenolone Acetate, which in its chemistry is very similar to dihydrotestosterone. Being its derivative characterized by the absence of such a defect as “aroma” (conversion to estrogen), which is also a big reason to buy Primover from, oral steroid, which because there is no risk of such side effects as gynecomastia or water retention and high blood pressure.

The nature of the impact of the drug allows to compare it with the deck, but to build muscle solo this drug will not work. The advantages of high significance should also be attributed to the lack of hepatotoxicity in tablet form of the drug, despite the fact that the price Primover from, oral steroid, which is often lower than that of the injectable form of the drug.
What you get using the drug?

the best variation of the drug Primover (Primover) in the drying process of the muscles when the drug will make it possible not only burning fatty tissue and high-quality rendering of muscles, but will help to keep dry mass from catabolic processes
low androgenic characteristics of the drug allows without fear of virilization use of the drug by female athletes
being derived from dihydrotestosterone, is excluded aromatization and estrogenic “side effects” and drug is characterized by minimal suppression of its own testosterone
low (or even absent) toxicity to the liver makes the drug one of the safest in bodybuilding
accelerates metabolism, and grow strength
anti-catabolic effect allows to inhibit the activity of cortisol
How to apply for the course?
The best time when the drug Primover (Primover) will be able to show the maximum of the efficiency is the drying cycle. During this period the drug can provide the necessary protection of muscles from catabolic processes, and also accelerate the burning of adipose tissue, what it takes to achieve relief.

The drug Primover (Primover) is used orally for not more than 8 weeks, after which significantly increases the risk of side effects along with falling efficiency. For beginners, the optimal dose is 50 mg per day, for more experienced athletes is 50-100 mg per day (depending on individual needs).

Solo cycle rate


Methenolone (orally)

Post-cycle therapy – Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)


50-100 mg per week


50-100 mg per week


50-100 mg per week


50-100 mg per week


50-100 mg per week


50-100 mg per week


50-100 mg per week


50-100 mg per week





30-20 mg per day


20-10 mg per day


10 mg per day

Completing the cycle of course, will require a post-cycle therapy. PCT is based on common principles and rules, however, in the use of the drug according to the recommendations of the adverse reaction occur very rarely.

Primover (Primover) to improve efficiency can be used in conjunction with other pharmaceutical industry. So, for even more significant progress in the drying of muscles, Primover (Primover) combined with stanozolol, and to build – with nandrolone, sustanon, testosterone or dianabol.

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