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Substance: Stanozolol,
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Strombafort (strombafort) Balkan Pharmaceuticals is an effective anabolic steroid, which is entrusted with the active ingredient “Stanozolol”, produced in the form of tablets.

The active substance steroid “Strombafort” is “Stanozolol”. Under this trade name this drug is known to the bodybuilding community for over four decades. This active substance is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). So its chemical nature allows to exclude the possibility of estrogenic side effects during a course. In practice, this means that the cycle will not have such side effects as gynecomastia, high blood pressure and so on.

Often to buy from Balkan Pharmaceuticals strombafort willing and athletes among wrestlers, boxers, athletes and other representatives of sports disciplines, where the increased importance of speed and power performance.

This steroid can also be used by beginners in the application of sports pharmacology, but only subject to the availability of sufficient muscle mass and moderate fat in the body, because by itself, this steroid is not meant for muscle building. Buy strombafort from Balcan Pharma recommended mostly for the drying cycle. Fortunately, the price from strombafort Balkan Pharmaceuticals even though high performance, is still available.
Key features and benefits

a feature of the drug “Strombafort” is that the drug is effectively manifests itself during exercise to increase the prominence and quality of prorisovannost muscles
since steroid promotes the excretion of fluids from the body, this creates the need to monitor the health of ligaments and joints on the back of increased power performance
significantly accelerates the metabolism, resulting in stimulated body fat burning by the body and significantly increases the appetite
during the course it may result in side effects in the form of “gyno”, water retention and other, because not only the steroid does not aromatize, but also its active substance is anti-estrogenic and antiprogesterone effects
with the help of this drug suppressed the activity of SHBG, thereby increasing the ultimate performance of course
As used medication?
“Monomers” steroid “Strombafort” is carried out mainly in order to create a beautiful prorisovannost muscles and obtaining venous prorisovannost. Sometimes the drug is also used to improve speed-strength performance.

In order to improve the definition (relief muscles) the drug is used over a period of 4-6 weeks when you use a dose range of 20 to 50 milligrams daily. To improve the same speed and power data is sufficient to consume up to 10 milligrams of steroid per day. After drug withdrawal is always done PCT, which is required for the resumption of normal hormonal levels in the body, in particular the secretion of own testosterone.

Course format solo


Stanozolol (table).

PCT — Tamoxifen

1 week

30-50 mg per day

2 week

30-50 mg per day

3 week

30-50 mg per day

4 week

30-50 mg per day

Week 5

30-50 mg per day

6 week

30-50 mg per day

Week 7

20-30 mg daily

8 week

10-20 mg daily

9 week

10-20 mg daily

To obtain results in a set of lean muscle mass will take the combined intake of the steroid. In this case, “Strombafort” has been used in conjunction with the androgenic steroids. Suitable drugs such as testosterone, sustanon, Anapolon, Dianabol. “Strombafort” will help to neutralize the aromatization and provide good anabolic effect. The course will require the intake of antiestrogens, and then will need to carry out PCT with nolvadex (tamoxifen).

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