Brand: Golden Dragon (China),
Substance: Stanozolol,
Package: 50tab10mg


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Strombaged from Golden Dragon – this steroid, designed for oral use based on the active substance “Stanozolol”, which is widely distributed in the sport.

Initially, as a lot of anabolic drugs, Stromberg used in medicine and veterinary medicine, and then became widespread in the athletic community – not only in bodybuilding. Buy Stromberg from Golden Dragon and I want the representatives of such sports as wrestling, Boxing, athletics and others. In these sports disciplines steroid is applicable to improve speed-strength performance. Not the last role plays and the price Strombaged from Golden Dragon. According to the criterion of the cost of drugs can be attributed to the group very accessible for most athletes steroids.

The inclusion of the steroid in a combined course or separate course of this drug greatly enhances the bioavailability of its own testosterone and other steroids (combined course), which indirectly contributes to the overall efficiency of the steroid course. This is because the drug suppresses the activity of the globulin (protein) that binds sex (anabolic) hormones. It also plays a role in the decision about whether to acquire Strombaged from Golden Dragon.
The basic properties of the drug

if “Stromberg” is used as the primary anabolic drug on cycle this will allow us to achieve a distinct portrayal of your muscles, making appropriate use of the drug in cycles of work on the terrain
drug “Streambased” significantly contributes to the strength and endurance of an athlete, however due to the fact that stimulates the excretion of fluids from the body, requires increased attention to the health of ligaments and joints
significantly speeds up the metabolism, which leads to increased appetite and fat burning
the course “Stromberg” is not accompanied by the phenomena of flavor and no rollback phenomenon
drug “Stromberg” has antiprogesterone and protivoallergennye action
reduces the activity of globulin that binds sex (anabolic) hormones in the body
How to build a course?
Solo cycle of the course “Stromberg” is 4-6 weeks. During this period, the drug used in a dose of 20-50 mg per day. This dose allows to achieve the best result in the drawing of muscles and burning fat. To improve the same speed-power performance is to use a drug at a dose of 10 mg per day. Too long courses lead to increased risk of side effects and do not guarantee a more pronounced effect.

Course format solo


Stanozolol (table).

PCT — Tamoxifen

1 week

30-50 mg per day

2 week

30-50 mg per day

3 week

30-50 mg per day

4 week

30-50 mg per day

Week 5

30-50 mg per day

6 week

30-50 mg per day

Week 7

20-30 mg daily

8 week

10-20 mg daily

9 week

10-20 mg daily

Post-cycle therapy is held three days after the completion of the course “Stromberg”. The purpose of post-cycle therapy – restoring of production of own testosterone by the body.

Drug “Streambased” also can be successfully applied on building high-quality dry muscle mass. For these purposes, require its combination with androgen preparations, for example with testosterone, oxymetholone, dianabol. In this combined cycle “Streambased” will neutralize estrogenic effects and increase the anabolic effect of jointly applied steroid that will lead to a set of dry muscle mass. This course requires the reception of blockers aromatase, and then PCT tamoxifen (nolvadex) or clomid.

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