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Stanover (Stanover) from, oral steroid, which is a common anabolic steroid used in bodybuilding mainly on the drying cycles, intended for oral administration.

The big advantage of the drug “Stanover” is it a steroid profile. The active substance of “Stanozolol” is characterized by a pronounced anabolic effects (anabolic index – 320% of testosterone) and very mild androgenic characteristics (androgenic index – 30% of testosterone). This combination of androgenic and anabolic indexes creates an opportunity to use this drug women, along with the fact that the price of Stanover from enough, oral steroid, which is available for a very wide range of athletes.

The greatest relevance of this steroid gains when working to improve the quality of the definition (of the bump) of the muscles. With this purpose, to purchase Stanover from athletes, oral steroid, which seek different levels of training (from speakers to athletes, experienced Amateurs).

Among the significant advantages of this drug should also include the fact that according to many studies it was found that Stanozolol (the active ingredient) in addition to that is not subjected to aromatization, is also characterized by protivoallergennye action and is an antagonist of progesterone.
Why you should buy Stanover from, oral steroid, which?

the greatest effectiveness of the drug “Stanover” is achieved when the work on the quality of the terrain and definition of the muscles
against the background of increasing strength and endurance is mandatory to carefully observe the health of the ligaments and joints, because the drug helps to eliminate fluid from the body
a significant increase in metabolic rate leads to the intensification of processes of burning of fat (lipolysis) and increased appetite
due to the fact that “Stanover” is not subject to aromatization, are excluded estrogenic side effects (“Gino” and others)
by itself, steroid “Stanover” is characterized by anti-estrogenic and antiprogesterone action
the drug is able to suppress the action of SHBG, and therefore increase the effectiveness of the course
Terms of use on the course
With the aim of improving the quality of prorisovannost muscle and improve muscle definition (definition) “Stanover” taken in the range of 20 to 50 milligrams of the drug per day. The cycle duration is 4-6 weeks. Then the drug is recommended to cancel because it greatly increases the risk of adverse reactions. After discontinuation of the drug is required of the PCT. Post-cycle therapy is to restore the secretion of own testosterone. To enhance speed-power performance of the drug is taken in doses up to 10 milligrams a day.

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Stanozolol (table).

PCT — Tamoxifen

1 week

30-50 mg per day

2 week

30-50 mg per day

3 week

30-50 mg per day

4 week

30-50 mg per day

Week 5

30-50 mg per day

6 week

30-50 mg per day

Week 7

20-30 mg daily

8 week

10-20 mg daily

9 week

10-20 mg daily

With the right combination of medication can also be achieved a good result in the aspect of building lean muscle. In this case recommended a bunch of “Stanover” with androgenic steroids (Testosterone or sustanon, Anapolon, Dianabol). To a bunch of “Stanover” and its active ingredient can reduce estrogenic effects together used steroids and to improve the anabolic response of drugs. When such a loop is necessary to take antiestrogens and after the course to spend a PCT of clomid or tamoxifen.

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