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Substance: Tamoxifene Citrate,
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Tamoximed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a common agent (drug) that is used to recover the steroid course in bodybuilding and some other sports disciplines.

This drug is also known under the name “Tamoxifen” or “Nolvadex”. The mechanism of action of this drug is based on blocking the estrogen receptors in the body, whereby offset by the activity of estrogen, which eliminates the possibility of their binding to estrogen receptors.

Most often by Tamoximed from Balcan Pharmaceutical athletes want to use during post-cycle therapy to restore the natural secretion of own testosterone by the body. This becomes necessary due to the fact that virtually any steroid to a greater or lesser extent inhibits the secretion of own testosterone.

Less likely to buy from Balkan Pharmaceuticals Tamoximed prefer to use in order to reduce the activity of estrogen directly during the course of AAS. In this case, it is more appropriate medications by type of Anastrozole or Letrozole.

The drug can be considered as the tool for post-cycle therapy, as the price of Tamoximed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals makes it available to any possible buyer.
The most characteristic properties

the drug “Tamoximed” significantly reduces the activity of estrogen in the body by blocking the action of receptors with which they bind, allowing it to effectively prevent the process of aromatization (conversion of testosterone to estrogen)
helps renew the natural secretion of endogenous testosterone, mainly by stimulating LH (luteinizing hormone)
helps to reduce the concentration of harmful cholesterol in the body and stimulates the increase of high density cholesterol (HDL), thereby reducing the risk of heart disease
the drug prevents the accumulation of fluid in the body (due to decrease in estrogen levels)
the drug is a good tool to use in post-cycle therapy, and prevents the development of gynecomastia and other estrogenic “side effects to”
is not steroid drugs (AAS)

How to use the drug in order for post-cycle therapy?
Most relevant drug “Tamoximed” takes in the period after completion of the steroid course. During this period the drug is used according to its purpose – as a means of PCT is to restore normal production of its own testosterone by the body.

This drug is not really advisable to take the course. Although he is able to perform the function of anti-estrogen drug (to inhibit aromatization), however, it may reduce the effectiveness of anabolic steroids (due to the peculiarities of mechanism of action). To suppress the aromatization appropriate receiving anastrozole or letrozole.

An example of application in course testosterone Cypionate






250-500 mg a week


250-500 mg a week

10 mg per day


250-500 mg a week

10 mg per day


250-500 mg a week

10 mg per day


250-500 mg a week

10 mg per day


250-500 mg a week

10 mg per day


Tamoxifen 10-30 mg per day

It is important to note that in the case using such steroids such as Nandrolone (Deca) or Trenbolone receiving tamoxifen as a means for post-cycle therapy becomes invalid. This is due to the progestin-only nature of these steroids. Their interaction with tamoxifen can cause adverse reactions, so in this case, Tamoxifen is usually replaced by clomid.

The dosage of the drug for the purposes of the PCT are determined individually on the basis of which steroid drugs, for how long and in what doses were used for the course. For prophylaxis side effects uses dose of 10 mg per day. Reception as a means for PCT usually begins after 2-3 weeks (in the case of “long” steroids, e.g. testosterone enanthate) or 2-3 days (in the case of fast-acting drugs, such as Dianabol, Anapolon and others) after leaving the course. The dosage is 10 to 30 mg per day.

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