Brand: British Dispensary (Thailand),
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate,
Package: 250mg10ml


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Testosterone E from British Dispensary is a high anabolic drug with active ingredient testosterone enanthate is used in sport practice primarily for the development of strength and muscle mass. Order this steroid is available through our store.

Buy Testosterone E from British Dispensary is advisable for those athletes that wish to withdraw from regular injections. It’s really because the enanthate ester provides a prolonged effect of the drug. The half-life is about one week, and in General, the injection can last up to three weeks. Given the very reasonable price testosterone E from British Dispensary, it becomes quite a bargain.

Often this steroid is recommended for beginners in the use of sports pharmacology. Athletes in this category the drug helps in fast build quality muscles, subject to the necessary diet and training regime. In addition, this drug is very popular among the bodybuilding competition. They prefer to purchase Testosterone E from British Dispensary is also for use with bulk cycles, but sometimes the steroid can be used for drying cycles.
Why you should buy Testosterone E from British Dispensary ?

with the support of steroid “Testosterone E” is possible a significant increase in muscle mass and a significant increase in power performance
by nitrogen retention in muscular tissue cells, accelerating the resynthesis of amino acids in the muscles as well as metabolism, leading to faster burning of adipose tissue and an increased appetite
due to the stimulation of hematopoiesis, increases the number of red blood cells to the blood, which improves endurance by increasing oxygen-carrying capacity of blood
improving the health of the ligaments and joints, it also reduces the risk of heart disease
improves overall health and stimulates the regenerative processes in the body reduces the activity of cortisol, prevents overtraining
high androgen index increased potency
achieving a good pump, as well as stimulates the desire to train
Testosterone is involved in spermatogenesis, responsible for male sexual behavior, and the primary and secondary sexual characteristics
The pattern of use on the course
The manifestation of the anabolic properties of the steroid “Testosterone E” is largely related to the dosage in which the drug is injected into the body. The optimal dose in the range of 250-500 mg for a single injection, which is one (sometimes two) times a week in the area of gluteal muscles. The total course length should be 8-10 weeks. Experienced athletes use this steroid for longer period.

Since “E Testosterone” as any steroid based on testosterone are prone to aromatization, will need to use aromatase inhibitors (usually from the second week of the cycle and a week after the release of the cycle). To control the feasibility of taking these drugs, it is desirable to test for estradiol level. Also on the course you can use Proviron.




Tamoxifen (PCT)


250-500 mg a week


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


0.5 mg a day


0.5 mg a day




20-30 mg a day


20 mg per day


20 mg per day


10 mg per day

After the course, after 3 weeks, PCT is required, since “E Testosterone” significantly reduces the production of own testosterone. Used for PCT Tamoxifen or Clomid. Also, to keep a maximum of recruited muscle mass, the recommended use of cortisol blockers – whey protein and BCAA. Allowed the combination “Testosterone E” with stanozolol, trenbolone, nandrolone, anapolon, dianabol.

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