Brand: Galenika (Serbia),
Substance: Testosterone Enanthate,
Package: 250mg1ml


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Testosteron Depo from Galenika is virtually the most popular brand, an effective anabolic product containing as the main component is ester testosterone (enanthate). To order the anabolic possible through our supermarket steroids.

A key component of this steroid is Testosterone, a molecule which is attached to the enanthate ether. This combination has allowed the steroid to have a prolonged effect. Given the relatively low prices Testosteron Depo from Galenika this purchase is very beneficial. In bodybuilding this steroid is valued primarily for its ability to significantly speed up the process of recruitment of muscle mass. Most of the athletes from bodybuilding want to buy Testosterone Depo from Galenika only for that purpose.

This steroid, like any other form testosterone, is much exposed to flavoring, often referred to as disadvantages of this steroid. However, this problem without much difficulty is corrected by use of aromatase inhibitors. Buy Testosterone Depot Galenika from should also because in its application there is no need for frequent injections that will be suitable for athletes who tolerate them poorly. The steroid is not toxic to the liver.
Key properties

when using the steroid “Testosteron Depo” stimulates increase in muscle mass, there has been progress in power terms, optimizes muscle protein synthesis
by increasing hematopoiesis of red blood cells increases oxygen capacity of blood that improves the stamina
stimulates fat burning and improves the health of joints, ligaments
improves the overall tone of the organism, the drug promotes regeneration, reduces the effect of catabolic hormones, helps prevent overtraining
provides powerful pumping and increases overall motivation for training
high androgenic activity helps to stimulate libido, are also at increased appetite due to accelerate metabolism
this drug helps in prevention of heart diseases
Testosterone determines male primary and secondary sexual characteristics men
How is the course?
How much will be pronounced anabolic properties of the steroid “Testosteron Depo” during the course depends on the dose of the drug, which will be put. For a solo course often enough 250-500 milligrams per one injection. The drug is once a week, rarely twice. The injection should be done in the area of gluteal muscles. The course is optimally carried out within 8-10 weeks, however, in the sports practice there are many cases of the drug and in large stretches of time.




Tamoxifen (PCT)


250-500 mg a week


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


250-500 mg a week

0.5 mg a day


0.5 mg a day


0.5 mg a day




20-30 mg a day


20 mg per day


20 mg per day


10 mg per day

Steroid “Testosteron Depo” like any other Testosterone is largely prone to conversion into estrogens. To reduce the risk of estrogenic side reactions, the desired receiving aromatase inhibitors in the second week of the course and a week after leaving it. Also desirable to control the level of estradiol in the body, which is the appropriate test to determine the feasibility of taking these drugs.

Three weeks after leaving the course is PCT, which is used Tamoxifen or Clomid, as well as for the maximum preservation of recruited muscle mass it is recommended to take cortisol blockers (for example, BCAA and quick protein). This combined with the steroid nandrolone, winstrol, dianabol, anapolon, trenbolone.

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