Brand: Vermodje (Moldova),
Substance: Testosterone Propionate,
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Testoged P-100 from Golden Dragon – this anabolic drug which contains as active component short ester testosterone that because of the nature of its action can be used as a universal steroid. To order the anabolic possible through our supermarket steroids.

The universality of the application of this steroid is means that to acquire Tested P-100 from Golden Dragon are equally like to use to build muscle and courses with the aim of improving the definition (relief) muscle.

Acting component of the drug – Testosterone attached to the ester propionate (propionic acid). When introduced into the body, it quickly enters the blood flow, which allows a very fast feel to his work. For these purposes, the drug is part of a known steroid “sustanon” as a mandatory component. Professional the athlete most often prefer to buy Tested P-100 from the Golden Dragon in order to be used for preparation for competitions, to improve prorisovannost and preservation of muscle mass in the drying cycles.

In General, this steroid is characterized by a relatively low cost. The price of Tested P-100 from the Golden Dragon will be available for a wide range of athletes.
The most pronounced properties

steroid “Testoged P-100” as a sufficiently generic drug, may be used as courses to improve relief of muscles and for muscle building
the steroid accelerates protein synthesis in muscle tissue and helps to increase strength
a faster metabolism will also help in activating the process of burning of fatty tissue, and also will lead to increased appetite
the drug will help to improve the health of your joints and ligaments, and when properly selected dose, there will not be water retention on the course
high androgen index will lead to increased potency
the steroid will help to improve the General tone of the body, will ensure the prevention of heart disease and overtraining
steroid is characterized by pronounced anti-catabolic effects
Testosterone is responsible for male sexual behavior, spermatogenesis, and male sex (primary and secondary) signs
How is the course?
“Testoged P-100” is placed in a dosage of 50 milligrams each day, or 100 milligrams at intervals of one day (for athletes who do not have much experience in the use of steroids). For more advanced athletes initial dosage is from 100 milligrams a day. The course is held from 4 to 6 weeks.

“Testosterone Propionate” as well as all other forms of testosterone prone to high conversion into estrogen, that can lead to undesirable estrogenic side effects. To avoid this, it is necessary to use drugs with antiestrogenic activity or aromatase inhibitors. You can also use Proviron. It often happens that such drugs are beginning to apply the second week of cycle and a week after completion of the course.


Test Propionate


PCT — Tamoxifen


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


20-30 mg a day


20 mg per day


10 mg per day

After two or three days after leaving the course is post-cycle therapy, what is used Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) or Clomid. To keep up muscle mass are also advised intake of blockers of cortisol (BCAA’s and a “fast” protein).

For better drying recommended the use of this steroid together with trenbolone (Acetate), masteron, primobolan or winstrol. The training program and diet for the course are selected according to the task (drawing of a muscle or set of muscles).

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