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from testosterone Propionate Farmak is a high quality and affordable anabolic drug that is used in bodybuilding as an effective steroid for building muscle mass, and also to give the muscles a pronounced bump. Order this steroid is available through our store.

According to the purpose of this steroid meant more for use on courses with the aim of improving progress in building muscle mass, however, due to the nature of its effects on the body many athletes it is used for drying cycles. Buy Test Propionate Farmak from valid for beginners who have not previously used sports pharmacology, and advanced speakers athletes.

The main drawback of this steroid is its high tendency to convert into estrogen, which is typical for any form of testosterone. Fortunately, such a disadvantage has a conditional character, and its potential effects are eliminated by applying the rate of aromatase inhibitors. Because of this, the flavor factor should not be decisive in the question whether to buy from testosterone Propionate Farmak.

In addition, the price from testosterone Propionate Farmak can be attributed to this drug to the category inexpensive, but definitely working the quality steroids.
Pronounced effects of steroid

steroid drug “testosterone Propionate” can be applied in order to stimulate muscle growth, and to improve prorisovannost definition of the muscles
this drug will help speed up muscle protein synthesis (and thereby achieve quick muscle growth) and increase strength
the course also speeds up the metabolism (which helps accelerate the burning of fat) and increased appetite
increases the overall health of the ligaments and joints, as well as the drug does not retain water when properly selected doses of the drug
stimulates potency due to high androgen index drug
the drug helps prevent overtraining and heart disease, also improving overall body tone
the drug has a strong anti-catabolic action
Testosterone is responsible for male primary and secondary sexual characteristics, sexual behavior, spermatogenesis
Features of the course of steroid
“testosterone Propionate” is used by both beginners and athletes the speaker level. For beginners it is recommended to use this steroid in the dosage of 50 milligrams per day or 100 milligrams a day, while experienced athletes start using this drug with a dose of 100 mg daily and above. The course duration is 4-6 weeks.

“testosterone Propionate” as well as all other steroids are based on testosterone, unfortunately, there has been a high aromatization (conversion into estrogen). This can trigger the development of estrogenic side effects (“gyno”, water retention, etc.). To counteract these processes require receiving aromatase inhibitors or drugs with antiestrogenic activity (can also be used Proviron).


Test Propionate


PCT — Tamoxifen


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


20-30 mg a day


20 mg per day


10 mg per day

Usually such drugs are used from the 2nd week of the course and then the week after completion of the course. After 2-3 days, starts on PCT (Clomid or Tamoxifen use). To best protect the recruited muscle mass also take for PCT blockers cortisol BCAA and whey protein.

Diet and exercise program during the course is built according to your goals (increase muscle size or drawing the muscle definition).

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