Brand: Balkan Pharmaceutical (Moldova),
Substance: Testosterone Propionate,
Package: 100mg10ml


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Pharmatest P100 from Pharmacom Labs is a highly anabolic preparation containing as the main active ingredient testosterone Propionate, (fast-acting ester testosterone). Order this steroid is available through our store.

A molecule of testosterone that is attached to the ether propionic acid, mainly determines the pharmacological properties of this steroid. Buy PharmaTest P100 from Pharmacom Labs may not be the best solution for those athletes who are extremely negative attitude to the necessity of regular injections with small breaks. However, on the other hand, the “short” nature of the action of the steroid can act as an advantage. So, for example, detection of adverse reactions associated with the steroid, it can quickly undo all adverse reactions will be eliminated.

Although a lot of steroids on the basis of testosterone tend to retain water in the body during the period of the course, the steroid provided that dosage is adjusted correctly, taking into account the individual needs of the body, will not retain water (or latency). All this against the background of the relatively low cost of this steroid (price Pharmacist P100 from Pharmacom Labs available to athletes of different levels of financial security).
Why you should buy Pharmatest N100 from Pharmacom?

the drug “Pharmatest P100” because of the nature of effects on the body may be used as a steroid for building quality muscle mass and improve muscle relief
also, the drug significantly accelerates the synthesis of amino acids in the muscles and improves the progress in power terms
increased metabolism helps to intensify the process of burning fatty tissue and increase appetite
Testosterone can help improve the functionality of joints and ligaments, and under the condition properly selected doses will not lead to fluid retention
the drug helps to increase overall body tone, helps to avoid overtraining and to neutralize the risks of developing heart disease
high androgen index due to the stimulation of libido
has a strong anti-catabolic effect on the body
Testosterone is responsible for spermatogenesis and male sexual behavior and sexual characteristics
Application features
The drug “Pharmatest P100” can be used as a primary drug and its possible use in a combined course. For athletes not previously treated with steroids working can be considered a dosage of 50 milligrams a day, or 100 milligrams with a break of one day. Experienced athletes can use the steroid in a dose of 100 milligrams per day and higher. The course is 4-6 weeks.


Test Propionate


PCT — Tamoxifen


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


20-30 mg a day


20 mg per day


10 mg per day

This drug belongs to the steroids that are prone to aromatization under the influence of the enzyme aromatase. To prevent estrogenic side effects will require taking anti-estrogens or aromatase inhibitors. Typically, use of these drugs starts from the second week and continues for another week after leaving the course. After two or three days after the final injection requires a post-cycle therapy. Suitable Tamoxifen or Clomid. Also, we recommend taking cortisol blockers (amino acids, especially BCAA and whey protein).

The drug is combined well on course to drying with trenbolone (Acetate), stanozolol, primobolan, masteron. The training program and diet are arranged depending on the goals (the achievement of the prominence of the muscle or building mass).

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