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Substance: Testosterone Propionate,
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Testover P, oral steroid, which is anabolic steroid “short” actions, based on the active ingredient testosterone, which is well used as when you work on building quality muscle mass and improve muscle relief. To order this drug, You can today in our store.

Buy Testomar N, oral steroid, which can be new to the issue of the use of steroids and experienced athletes with considerable experience of the use of steroids. “Short” the action of this steroid due to the fact that Testosterone is the main component in this drug is attached to the ether propionate (propionic acid). This is what allows the drug is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and to join in the work.

Often you can find information about that this steroid is highly prone to aromatization, which is why some athletes might refuse to buy from, oral steroid, which Estover P. It is important to understand that aromatization (conversion into estrogen) are typical of any steroid based on testosterone, and not only (it is typical for many steroid drugs). This problem is fixed very simply through the use of blockers aromatase or anti-estrogen drugs, against the background of relatively inexpensive Testover P, oral steroid, which allows you to be very profitable drug that can be used both for drying and for muscle-building.
What effects is the?

features of the impact of steroid “Testover P” on the body allow you to use the drug, in order to draw the muscle of the terrain and courses to increase muscle mass
rapid increase in muscle mass is due to accelerated protein synthesis
during the course, also increase strength.
the fat burning zone, whereby is achieved a drawing of the muscles associated with acceleration of metabolism in the course, which also entails increased appetite
improving the productivity and health of ligaments and joints
when properly selected doses of the steroid, it has minimal water retention
due to the high androgen index, there is a trend to increased libido
the steroid ensures the prevention of heart disease and overtraining, also increasing the overall health of the body
there is a strong anti-catabolic effects, as well as Testosterone is responsible for development of male sexual characteristics, spermatogenesis, and sexual behavior
Approaches to use on the course
The drug “Testover P” is allowed for use as advanced competition-level athletes and athletes that have no experience with the use of steroids. For professionals and experienced athletes, the working dose of the drug starts from 100 milligrams per day. For beginners, however, the working dosage is 50 milligrams a day, or 100 milligrams every other day. The total duration of the course is 4-6 weeks.


Test Propionate


PCT — Tamoxifen


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


20-30 mg a day


20 mg per day


10 mg per day

Like many other steroids main component of testosterone, “Testover P” is characterized by high aromatization (converted to estrogen). This can often lead to such side effects as high blood pressure, gynecomastia and others. To them leveling is recommended from the second week of the course and a week after the course to take antiestrogens or aromatase inhibitors. After two or three days after the release of course you also need to start post-cycle therapy. For PCT use Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) or Clomid. Also, as much as possible to maintain the current muscle mass it is advisable to take the blockers of cortisol BCAA and whey (fast) protein. Diet and exercise program built to meet your needs (drying of muscles or their extensions).

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