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Substance: Testosterone Propionate,
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Testosterone Propionate from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical is the most popular (along with enanthate) anabolic steroid that is used in the community of bodybuilding and other sports disciplines. To order the anabolic possible through our supermarket steroids.

This steroid due to its effects on the body can be used in order to draw the muscle and courses to build quality muscle mass. The final result obtained will largely depend on your diet and exercise program. Buy Testosterone Propionate from Zhengzhou Pharma is recommended for both beginners in the use of sports pharmacology, and very often to purchase this steroid wish professional athletes.

The conditional drawback, which can affect the decision about whether to buy Testosterone Propionate from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical has the need for injections with a pause (every day or every other day) due to the fast action of this steroid. For the cost this drug can be categorized as low-cost or medium-cost steroids as the price Testosterone Propionate from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical allows this drug to be available for athletes with different capabilities.

steroid “Testosterone Propionate” thanks to its universal nature of the action, it is possible to use for the drying of muscles, and to increase quality muscle mass
the drug contributes to a significant progress in power terms, but also stimulates protein synthesis in muscle tissue
by increasing the speed of metabolism aktiviziruyutsya the process of burning fat and increases appetite
improves health of joints and ligaments, and, when properly selected dose also contributes to the accumulation of fluid
Testosterone can improve overall health, help in the prevention of overtraining, helps to reduce the risk of heart disease
stimulates libido due to the high androgenic activity
is characterized by a strong anti-catabolic effect (reduces the secretion and activity of cortisol)
Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for male sexual behavior and sexual characteristics, also involved in spermatogenesis
Application circuit
“Testosterone Propionate” can act as the only steroid in the course (solo course), and can also be used in combined cycles. For beginners working dosage is 50 milligrams of steroid daily or 100 milligrams every other day. For experienced athletes working dosage starts from 100 mg daily and above. The cycle lasts from 4 to 6 weeks.


Test Propionate


PCT — Tamoxifen


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


50 mg daily (either 100 mg every other day)

Tamoxifen — 10 mg per day


20-30 mg a day


20 mg per day


10 mg per day

Depending on the tasks (drying of muscles or their extensions) to build a training program and diet. This form of steroid is part of the known drug “sustanon”. For drying the steroid is excellent combined with winstrol, masteron, primobolan, trenbolone (Acetate).During the course it is imperative to take anti-estrogen drugs or aromatase inhibitors, which is necessary to avoid estrogenic side effects. Usually these drugs are taken about the second week of the cycle and one week after discontinuation of the steroid. On the third day after completion of the course is post-cycle therapy, what is required for the resumption of the natural secretion of testosterone in the body. You can take Tamoxifen or Clomid. Along with the PCT recommended taking the blockers of cortisol, BCAA amino acids and whey protein.

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