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Substance: Liothyronine,
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Want to buy Tiros 50 from Pharmacom Labs?

In supermarket original sports concerned “Vipsteroid”, You have the option to order the Tyros 50 from Pharmacom. Our team guarantees complete confidentiality and a quick and safe delivery of the order in Boston, New York, Dallas, San Francisco, New York, San Francisco, Miami , Washington and rest of the USA!Tiros 50 from Pharmacom Labs is a high potency fat burner based on the current component as “triiodothyronine”, often used by athletes to reduce the content of fat tissue in the body.

This drug is used in sports practice as a powerful fat burner, which in its intensity and impact is superior to a great many other similar drugs, in particular drugs and fat burners. Buy Tiros 50 from Pharmacom Labs possible for both men and women who put to the challenge of reducing the percentage of fat in the body.

However, improper use of this drug may result in the development of the highly undesirable adverse reactions. In this regard, it is important that the athlete clearly understand the capabilities of your body and the right dosage of fat burner.

Buy tiros 50 from Pharmacom appropriate and given its low cost, despite the fact that the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug is confirmed one year of practical application. Price Tiros 50 from Pharmacom Labs makes the acquisition of such a drug is possible for athletes are quite different to financial security.
The main characteristics and the advantages of fat burner

the final performance from the use of the drug “tiros a 50” will be much higher than in the case of using other fat burners, including pharmacological
this fat burner promotes rapid flow of metabolic processes in the body, what caused the activation of lipolysis (the breakdown of fat tissue in the body)
the increased heat production (increased body temperature) allows even more to “accelerate” your metabolism, which will lead to higher needs of the body in burning fat
this fat burner has a strong effect on the Central nervous system and also inhibits the appetite during medication
the drug decreases the need of body during sleep, and significantly increases the
physical performance of the body
this fat burner can be used equally by both men and women
does not apply to AAS (steroids)
Approaches to the use of the drug
To get the maximum benefits of the drug “tiros 50” it is very important to define “working” dose based on the individual characteristics of your body. Excessively high doses of the drug can adversely affect the functioning of the thyroid gland, and there is a risk of significant weight loss. But in that case, if the dosage is matched reasonable, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the “out” body fat.

“Tiros 50” used 30 minutes before a meal. The average dose is about 50 micrograms daily. It is very important to be informed about the health of your thyroid gland and based on this to find a working dose.

The standard approach to the use of thyroxine



1 week

12.5 mg a day

2 week

25 mcg per day

3 week

25-50 mcg per day

4 week

25-50 mcg per day

Week 5

25 mcg per day

6 week

12,5 mcg per day

Break 3 or more weeks

Usually the drug starts with a minimum of 12.5 mcg, then increased the dosage to 25 mcg and in the same manner she is brought to the required figure. It is not recommended to make sudden “jumps” in the dosage of the drug. Withdrawal from a course must occur by the same principle (gradually). The duration of this cycle should not take more than 4-7 weeks.

For maximum impact it is important to follow a high protein diet (about 2 grams of protein for each kilogram of body weight). Also recommended the use of blockers of cortisol, BCAA and whey protein. For the retention of the normal secretion of triiodothyronine on the private course is recommended for “fasting” days of the drug. Goes well with HGH.

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