Brand: Balkan Pharmaceutical (Moldova),
Substance: Liothyronine,
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Then You are exactly where you need it! Supermarket original sports preparations “Vistered” offers the opportunity to order cytomed from Balcan right now! We will provide fast sending of your order at Boston, Boston, Houston, New York, Miami, Las-Vegas, New-Orlean, , Washington and other cities in the USA !cytomed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is a trading name of the drug, which contains as active component a substance “triiodothyronine”, which is used in sports practice for weight loss.

This drug is a very efficient fat burner that also known in the sports community under the name “T3”. The substance “triiodothyronine” in essence, is a thyroid hormone that is converted in the body from thyroxine to triiodothyronine under the action of a special enzyme. Buy cytomed from Balcan Pharma for admission to lose weight acceptable for both women and men.

Intensity and impact on the body, this drug will give odds to most other fat burners, including pharmacological fat burners. The mechanism of action of the drug based on increased heat production. In the process of taking this drug increases body temperature, which improves calorie consumption and together with the accelerated metabolic rate to optimize the processes of lipolysis (fat reduction).

Quite important is also the cost factor of this drug. Price Citomed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals can be attributed to the fat burner category is available for almost all sportsmen, which he may require.
Why you should acquire cytomed from Balkan?

for the ultimate effectiveness of the action, the agent “Citomed” is superior to most all other fat burners
the drug can increase the speed of the flow of metabolic processes in the body, thereby stimulates lipolysis (utilization of fat)
increases heat production (increases body temperature, which can further “accelerate” metabolism and thereby accelerate the process of burning adipose tissue)
the drug has a strong stimulating effect on the Central nervous system
inhibits appetite in the admission process
reducing the need of body during sleep
significantly increases overall physical performance
as a means for weight loss this drug can be used for both women and men
not a anabolic steroid
Bases of rational use
For this drug, it is important to determine their individual “working” dose. Too high a dosage can have a negative impact on the “thyroid” and there is a risk of losing significantly in the total body weight, and these losses can mainly can come on muscle mass. However, when the dosage is chosen correctly, the rate of loss of subcutaneous fat very pleasantly surprise you.

The drug “Citomed” taken orally, approximately 30 minutes before a meal. The average dosage is about 50 mcg once a day. It is important to have information about the current condition of your “thyroid”, because individual dosage is determined on this basis.

The standard approach to the use of thyroxin



1 week

12.5 mg a day

2 week

25 mcg per day

3 week

25-50 mcg per day

4 week

25-50 mcg per day

Week 5

25 mcg per day

6 week

12,5 mcg per day

Break 3 or more weeks

The drug is better to start with a minimum of 12.5 µg on the second day of 25 mcg and in this way increasing the dosage to the required. Do not make sudden “jumps” in the dosage for the reception. The same principle is the exit course, duration of which should be 4-7 weeks.

It is advisable to follow a high protein diet rich in protein (about 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight). Also consider taking the of cortisol blockers, BCAA and fast protein. To maintain the normal production of triiodothyronine own recommended “fasting” days. Goes well with HGH.

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