Brand: Vermodje (Moldova),
Substance: Trenbolone Acetate,
Package: 100mg/ml


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Finajet by British Dispensary – injecting a steroid medication, recognized as one of the most powerful steroid tools available to the bodybuilding for the rapid and qualitative mass and strength development.

The basis of preparation Finajet lies the active substance is Trenbolone-based ether Acetate. This form of the drug today is most purchased in the market of sports pharmacology, as in the case of the “side effects” the drug can quickly cancel. Conditional same drawback, because of which many athletes can abandon the idea to buy finajet from British Dispensary , a need too often to make the injection.

Although this drug in bodybuilding has earned a reputation as one of the best for building quality muscles to buy Finajet by British Dispensary rarely recommended to beginners in the application of steroids. It is associated with very considerable specific application of this steroid on the course. If the wrong approach to the use of a drug course can be accompanied by highly undesirable side reactions and reduction in libido, gynecomastia the development of high blood pressure, etc., because the stronger a steroid is, the higher the likelihood of “side effects”. Price Finajet from British Dispensary will allow to carry this steroid is in the group expensive, but definitely efficient drugs.
What are the achievable effects with the drug?

in the course significantly increases the chance for the body to build quality muscle mass and increase strength
however, the body is also able to enhance the secretion of natural growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor, which also affects the increase muscle mass
very rarely has the effect of stimulating libido (appears not many athletes) even though a high androgen index drug Finajet
high anabolic index allows you to create a anabolic environment in your body that leads to strong anti-catabolic effect, the overwhelming activity of cortisol and causes the body to burn fatty tissue
the drug Finajet when properly used is not converted into estrogen, not harmful effect on the liver
increases motivation for strength training
Application features on the course
The drug Finajet (based on trenbolone Acetate) is a very popular steroid among the bodybuilding, especially among the experienced athletes and also exposed bodybuilders that prefer to use it on the cycles for muscle growth. Rarely the drug is recommended for beginners.

Injectable form makes it necessary to intramuscular injection of a drug into the body. It is a daily (50 mg daily) or with an interval of one day (for 100 mg). The course lasts 5-6 weeks, after which a connection is required gonadotropin.

Solo course – Trenbolone Acetate

Week of the course

TREN. Acetate



50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


Clomid is 50-100 mg per day


Clomid 50 mg a day


Clomid 25 mg a day

The cycle ends post-cycle therapy, which starts 2-3 days after last injection Finajet. PCT is to restore your own testosterone what is taken toremifene or Clomid. Tamoxifen is not suitable for the reason that may trigger the development progestinami “side effects”.

When you work on building quality muscle mass, even as a drug Finajet (Trenbolone Acetate) will demonstrate a relatively high efficiency, whereas when training for muscle definition it is best to use Finajet in conjunction with winstrol or oxandrolone.

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