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Substance: Trenbolone Acetate,
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Trenbolone 75 SP Laboratories is a powerful anabolic drug that is loved by many experienced and professional athletes from bodybuilding and power disciplines.

The drug Trenbolone 75 based on ether acetate, which causes a “fast” nature of its effects on the body, and allows in the case of adverse reactions, immediately stop the course. On the other hand because of the “short” action ether acetate not many athletes want to buy Trenbolone 75 from SP labs, since it makes necessary frequent injections that will appeal to all sportsmen, although this form of the drug Trenbolone still is the most sold in the market of steroids.

Many athletes want to buy Trenbolone 75 SP Laboratories, given its anabolic characteristics, which make it five times stronger than Testosterone. But you should also pay attention to the androgenic index of the drug, which is four times stronger than testosterone. However, even despite such a high androgen index, however, is rarely stimulated libido – this effect is manifested in a very small number of athletes that use the drug.

With proper use, this drug, he not only converted to estrogen, not accompanied by other side reactions, but also provides a significant increase in muscle mass, which is reflected in the price Trenbolone 75 SP Laboratories.
Key benefits

increases the potential of muscle growth of the body, which allows you to build a month and a half cycle in the range of 8-10 kg of muscle mass
in addition to growth of muscle mass increases significantly increase in power terms
an important role in building muscles is the fact that the drug stimulates the body’s production of insulin-like growth factor and growth hormone
in spite of the very high androgenic activity of the drug, he very rarely has a stimulating effect on potency
anabolic levels of the body also anti-catabolic effects of the drug, and that the body will use body fat as an energy source
judicious use of the drug according to the recommendations will help to eliminate the phenomenon of aromatization during the course and there will be no negative impact on the liver
significantly increase the motivation to exercise
How is the drug during the course?
75 Trenbolone is an injectable steroid “short” action (based on ether acetate). This necessitates the introduction of the drug into the body by intramuscular injection and regular injection, 50 mg or 100 mg of the drug with a pause of one day. The drug is administered in the indicated dosages for 5-6 weeks. In the case if you plan to cycle more than 6-8 weeks will require the mandatory addition of the gonadotropin course, to avoid atrophy of the testes and other unwanted side effects.

Solo course – Trenbolone Acetate

Week of the course

TREN. Acetate



50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


50 mg daily or 100 mg a day


Clomid is 50-100 mg per day


Clomid 50 mg a day


Clomid 25 mg a day

After two or three days after the completion of the course requires a post-cycle therapy. PCT is based on General rules. For post-cycle therapy used drugs such as toremifene or Clomid what is required to normalize the natural testosterone production in the body. Tamoxifen is not suitable due to the fact that it is able to increase the activity progesteronic receptors, which is undesirable because of increased progestin-only activity of the drug Trenbolone 75.

Trenbolone 75 even solo course able to show significant results in terms of growth of muscle mass. The drying cycles it combines well with stanozolol or oxandrolone.

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