Brand: British Dispensary (Thailand),
Substance: Trenbolone Mix,
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Tritren 150 from British Dispensary steroid drug composite nature, based on the active substance “Trenbolone” which includes three of his broadcast that provides an integrated effect of the drug on the body.

The Foundation of this steroid drug are three ester trenbolone – Acetate, enanthate and “hexa” (hexahydrobenzylcarbonate). In fact Trenbolone is a modified 19-testosterone, which gives reason to compare it with nandrolone (deck). The total for these two steroids is that potential side reactions that may occur during the course due to progestin-only nature, and that’s why buy tritran 150 from British Dispensary are more likely experienced weight lifters, whereas for the “first course” it is not appropriate.

Part of the steroid profile, “Tritren 150” significantly outperforms nandrolone and other steroid in principle. Buy Tritren 150 from British Dispensary only want just because he is five times stronger than testosterone in anabolic reference aspect, and four times in androgenic characteristics, which, however, rarely leads to stimulation of the libido on the course. All these advantages will certainly affect the final price Tritren 150 by British Dispensary, allowing you to be sure a definite health this anabolic drug.
The key properties of the drug

the composite nature of the steroid makes it possible pronounced increase in high-quality eight or even ten pounds of muscle in the usual course, as well as multiple increase in strength on cycle time
pronounced muscle growth is not only a high anabolic environment, but also because it stimulates the synthesis of insulin-like growth factor and growth hormone
reduced activity and secretion of the catabolic hormone cortisol during a course that allows you to mark the property of anti-catabolic steroid
anabolic background also stimulates the body to “get rid” of fat, which he begins to use as energy
libido due to the use of this steroid are almost never stimulated
almost never observed the conversion of estrogen on the course
the steroid stimulates the motivation for strength training

Regulations for the safe course
Injections of the drug “Tritran 150” produced at intervals of seven to ten days. The drug is administered in a dose of 300-400 mg can be split total total weekly dose into two injections per week with the same pause. This will allow to establish a more stable flow of the steroid into the bloodstream. The length of the course should not be higher than 6 weeks. The course continues with gonadotropin.

Two weeks after leaving the cycle is the PCT. Post-cycle therapy is needed to normalize the natural production of endogenous testosterone in the body. This is taken Clomid or toremifene. Tamoxifen is often taken for PCT is not suitable due to the fact that there is a likelihood of progestinami adverse reactions.

Course format solo Trenbolone mix


TREN. mix



300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week




Clomid is 50-100 mg per day


Clomid 50 mg per day


Clomid 25 mg a day

“Tritran 150” even at the rate of “solo” perfect builds muscle, and therefore does not require a combination with other steroids. To strengthen the quality of drying is possible to combine it with winstrol or anavar if you use half-doses, and without an antiestrogen.

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