Brand: Golden Dragon (China),
Substance: Trenbolone Mix,
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Try-Trenoged from Golden Dragon – high-impact anabolic steroid drug with a complex composition that provides sustained release of the steroid and is used to build muscle mass.

The basis of the drug “Try-Trenoged” includes the mixture of esters of trenbolone that allows it in General to be a steroid with prolonged action, however, present in the combined composition of the trenbolone Acetate ester allows you to experience the effect almost immediately after the injection. A single injection of the drug lasts up to 10 days, so buy Tri-Trenoged from Golden Dragon will be beneficial to those athletes that wish to limit the need for injections.

In addition to acetate, in the combined preparation also contains the enanthate ester and hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (slang – “hexa”). enanthate and hexa and provide prolonged action of the drug, gradually disentangling the bloodstream after administration into the body.

Buy Try-Trenoged from Golden Dragon is recommended primarily to those athletes that have the goal to make serious progress in terms of building muscle and increasing strength. It is important to properly build a course of the drug, taking into account its features, particularly progestin-only nature to avoid unwanted side effects. Not the lowest price the Try-Trenoged from Golden Dragon can be justified taking into account all its benefits and advantages.
Advantages and main effects

course of anabolic steroid “Tri-Trenoged” will provide significant progress in the growth of muscle mass, with the potential capacity for the standard six-week period of the course up to ten pounds of muscle as well as intense strength gains
significant progress in the growth of muscle mass is also ensured by increased secretion of endogenous growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor
high anabolic background during the course will also provide effective resistance to the catabolic processes and stress hormone cortisol
high anabolic background will also help to rid the body of excess adipose tissue
among individually identified present effects of boosting libido
properly set the course of the drug “Tri-Trenoged” does not lead to aromatization and other side effects
increases psychological motivation to the training

How to build the right course?
Steroid drug “Tri-Trenoged” is used in the community of athletes for the intensification of muscle growth, the drug to cope very well, even as a single drug on the course. When working on drawing muscles (drying) allowed the combination of “Tri-Trenoged” with oxandrolone or winstrol.

“Tri-Trenoged” is introduced into the body through injection. Injections are carried out in a dosage from 300 to 400 mg once in a week or ten days. With the aim to keep stable the concentration of steroid in the bloodstream can be split doses of 300-400 mg per two injections with the same break in for seven or ten days. The period of the course should not exceed 6 weeks. The longer course requires the use of gonadotropin.

Course format solo Trenbolone mix


TREN. mix



300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week




Clomid is 50-100 mg per day


Clomid 50 mg per day


Clomid 25 mg a day

After two weeks from the last injection is mandatory for post-cycle therapy with the support of drugs toremifene or Clomid. Drug “Tamoxifen” is not suitable due to the fact that it can increase the susceptibility of progesterone receptors that will lead to the development progestinami “side effects”. The purpose of PCT is to normalize the natural production of endogenous testosterone in the body.

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