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Trenbolone Mix 150 SP Laboratories – a steroid medication, whose action is based on a complex combination of several components that provide prolonged drug effects on the body.

To buy Trenbolone Mix 150 SP Laboratories primarily recommended for athletes that have “experience” of using steroids. The active substance of the “Trenbolone” in essence, is a modified 19-testosterone, that is characterized by progestin-only nature. This entails some specific use of the drug on the course. Under the action of the aromatase enzyme it does not convert into estrogen, but incorrect use during cycle estrogen adverse reactions such as gynecomastia and others may be due to progestin-only nature, and that’s why buy Trenbolone mix 150 SP from labs, not recommended for beginners, for the “first course.”

In General, the “Trenbolone Mix 150” valid “long”, but the presence of trenbolone Acetate also allows you to feel the effects of the drug already after a short time after injection. Along with the high anabolic characteristics and ability to increase the production of growth hormone with insulin-like growth factor, a steroid is applied in order to develop strength and muscle mass. Due to all these advantages, the price Trenbolone Mix 150 SP Laboratories allows to classify steroid albeit expensive but effective drugs.
Typical effects and characteristics of the drug

steroid “Trenbolone Mix 150” will provide the body the conditions that are necessary for a significant increase in muscle volume (for the cycle in a month and a half of potential growth up to ten pounds of muscle) and significantly increase the strength
the growth potential of the muscle mass is also increased by the enhanced secretion of the body’s insulin-like growth factor and growth hormone
a General increase in anabolic background leads to a significant decrease in the activity and secretion of the stress hormone cortisol that also provides anti-catabolic effects of the drug
anabolic background also allows to stimulate the use of body fatty tissue as an energy source
rarely, the drug stimulates the potency on the course
the rational use of steroid leads to the phenomenon of aromatization
the steroid increases the desire to train

The principles of proper course
“Trenbolone Mix 150” demonstrates high performance in the aspect of recruitment of muscle mass, even if acting as an independent drug in the course, for which reason the combined course with this drug is optimal only for drying. For the purposes of drying, it is recommended to combine “Trenbolone Mix 150” with anavar or winstrol (half dose drugs without estrogens – 6 weeks).

“Trenbolone Mix 150” is placed every 7 or 10 days at a dose of 300-400 mg. Perhaps dividing this dose into two injections, with the purpose of introduction of the drug up to two times a week with the same break. This approach allow you to maintain a steady supply of drug in the blood. The course lasts up to six (6) weeks and then only continues with gonadotropin.

Course format solo Trenbolone mix


TREN. mix



300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week


300-400 mg a week




Clomid is 50-100 mg per day


Clomid 50 mg per day


Clomid 25 mg a day

Two weeks after the final injection “Trenbolone Mix 150” is post-cycle therapy, what is necessary for resumption of normal hormonal levels and testosterone production. To this end there is the receiving toremifene or clomid. Tamoxifen is not suitable because of the risk to increase the sensitivity of the progesterone receptors.

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