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Substance: Turinabol,
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Turanabol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is extremely popular in the sports community with an effective anabolic steroid drug used in bodybuilding and many other sports disciplines.

This drug turanabol lies primarily in the universality of its use. So, in bodybuilding it can be used to build quality lean muscles, and use on the cycles of work on the prominence of muscles. Buy turanabol from Balcan Pharma can be recommended as a Pro bodybuilding for use on cycles the preparation for a competition, and for beginners in the use of steroid drugs because it has a reputation as one of the safest drugs.

Turanabol to buy from Balkan Pharmaceuticals often willing and representatives of other sports disciplines, including Boxing, wrestling, athletics and others. In these sports the drug is popular due to the ability to increase performance speed, endurance, strength. Its properties and chemical structure of its molecules it predominantly similar to a greater extent with methandrostenolone (dianabol). But the price turanabol from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is still higher, however, is primarily associated with the fact that turanabol not inclined to retain water in the body, and also not subject to conversion into estrogens.
What effects are achieved through the use of the drug?

turanabol will help you build quality lean muscle mass that can be achieved by increasing the overall anabolic environment in your body, as well as the rapid resynthesis of muscle protein
turanabol can also productively be applied to the cycles of work on the relief (by definition) muscles
the drug turanabol applies only in bodybuilding but also in many other sport disciplines (Boxing, wrestling, and others), primarily to improve speed and power data
the drug is one of the safest anabolic steroids (not only doesn’t aromatize, but with reasonable use, it also excludes other “side effects”)
improving the health of the ligaments and joints, and also suppressed the activity of SHBG
Features of the course
In the community of bodybuilding anabolic drug turanabol has a reputation as one of the most efficient and safe steroids that can be taken both by beginners and by athletes of the speaker level.

The program lasts turanabol within 6-8 weeks, during which he is taken in a dosage of 20-40 mg daily. During the day, this dosage is used in a number of techniques. Although the dosage of the drug is very effective for many athletes, however, the drug in this range of dosages very rarely noted the development of adverse reactions. After the completion of the cycle required for post-cycle therapy, which is based on the General rules of the PCT the drug Tamoxifen.

“Turik” (standard course)

Week of the course

Turinabol — dosage

PCT — Tamoxifen


20 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


20 mg per day


20-10 mg per day


10 mg per day

If the purpose of the drug is to improve the quality muscle mass, it is best to combine turanabol with injections of testosterone enanthate, which is set at 250 mg per week, while turanabol to 20 mg per day for 6 weeks.

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