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Turanabol by British Dragon – anabolic preformed drug that by its properties and effects similar to known in the sports community drug Methandienone (Dianabol).

As Methandienone, buy turanabol from British Dragon is often recommended to many beginners in the use of steroid drugs. According to its purpose, the drug can be used to build dry muscles and to work on terrain. Of Dianabol it is featured by the fact that the molecule of the drug Turanabol contains a chlorine atom at the fourth carbon atom. In practice, it minimizes characteristic Dianabol effect of water retention.

Itself drug Turanabol and its active ingredient chlorohydromethylestosterone are delayed steroid actions. Practically, this means that the growth of muscles, drawing the topography and other properties of the drug begin to manifest themselves rather slowly, however, these results will be sustainable and of high quality, so purchase Turanabol from British Dragon often wish professional athletes.

Because the drug is in sale since 1960-ies, its active substance is already well investigated. So, it is frequently observed that the drug can inhibit the sex hormone binding globulin, which indirectly improves its bioavailability, but this effect is less pronounced than that of stanozolol. Price Turanabol from British Dragon available to the overwhelming majority of willing athletes.
What effects do you get from the drug?

drug Turanabol provides accelerated protein synthesis in muscle cells, which leads to faster muscle growth during the course, although the drug belongs to steroids “deferred” actions
allowed the drug in your training cycles on the definition of the muscles, and also it is successfully used in such sports as wrestling, Boxing, track and field, to improve speed-strength and General endurance
the active ingredient of the drug Turanabol is not subject to converting into estrogens, eliminating estrogenic side effects such as “Gino” and others
improves the General health of bones, joints
reduces the activity of SHBG in the body than indirectly increases the effectiveness of the course
How to use during the course?
Since Turanabol is considered an anabolic steroid delayed action, it should be noted that its effects in terms of weight gain, symptoms relief and improvement of strength endurance are not apparent immediately, but only after some time from the start of the course.

Turanabol if you have met all the necessary recommendations in terms of dosages and length of course almost never cause adverse reactions, but after the cycle, you will still need post-cycle therapy, which may be Tamoxifen, on the basis of the General principles for the PCT.

Drug Turanabol is used up to two months (8 weeks). Used the drug in a dose of from 20 to 40 mg daily, which is divided into several stages. This dose is sufficient to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimal risk of adverse reactions.

“Turik” (standard course)

Week of the course

Turinabol — dosage

PCT — Tamoxifen


20 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


20 mg per day


20-10 mg per day


10 mg per day

If you aim to build quality muscle mass, then the drug Turanabol is best to combine with testosterone enanthate. This combined cycle lasts up to 6 weeks. Turanabol is taken up to 20 mg a day and Testosterone enanthate – 250 mg per week.

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