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Turinadrol from Lyka Labs is a powerful oral anabolic drug that is widespread not only in the community of bodybuilding, but also in several other sports, used for over 50 years.

The drug Turinadrol that is also known under the trade name “Turinabol” is delayed steroid actions. Practically, this means that its properties and effects are achieved relatively slowly, however, the results of the course are qualitative and sustainable. In bodybuilding this steroid is considered to be one of the most safe that can be recommended to buy Turinadrol from Lyka labs even beginners in the aspect of use of sports pharmacology that will provide a quality muscle growth.

Last but not least the drug is used and exposed athletes, because it can be applied not only to build muscles but also on the drying cycles. The peculiarity of it is that it does not retain water in the body. For this reason, to acquire Turinadrol from Lyka Labs want not only the athletes at the Amateur level, but exposed.

Among other advantages of the drug can highlight its ability to inhibit the activity of sex hormone binding globulin. This allows to improve the performance of the joint use of other steroid drugs. Price Turinadrol from Lyka Labs higher than the value of Dianabol, which is most often compared this drug, however, Turinabol is not subject to aromatization, in contrast to Dianabol.
The key effects and benefits

the drug Turinadrol can be used as the working cycles to build quality muscle mass and to reduce body fat and improve definition (relief) muscle
both effects (muscle growth and fat burning) are achieved through optimization of the processes of resynthesis of muscle protein and increasing total anabolic background
outside of strength sports, the drug Turinadrol used by boxers, athletes, wrestlers and other athletes to increase endurance and speed-power data
in the sports community drug Turinadrol is considered almost the most safe and effective for beginners, because not only doesn’t aromatize, which neutralizes the estrogenic “side effects” in the form of gynecomastia, fluid retention and other
reduces the activity of SHBG and improves the overall health of joints and ligaments
How to take during the course?
Turinadrol in the community of bodybuilding is one of the most safe steroid drugs that can be used to build quality muscle mass and drying, as acting pros, and Amateurs of different levels of training.

Because Turinadrol is the drug delayed action (its effects are achieved relatively slowly with other drugs), for weight the best solution is a combined it. So, to this end, Turinadrol is taken 20 mg per day together with testosterone enanthate, what is 250 mg a week. The combined course lasts up to 6 weeks. First Testosterone is canceled, and then Turinadrol.

“Turik” (standard course)

Week of the course

Turinabol — dosage

PCT — Tamoxifen


20 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


40 mg daily


20 mg per day


20-10 mg per day


10 mg per day

Solo the course of the drug Turinadrol is carried out within 6-8 weeks. The drug used in a dose of 20-40 milligrams per day. 20-40 mg is enough for the manifestation of the drug is considerably more cost-effective, with minimal risk of “side effects”.

After exiting the course will require PCT. Post-cycle therapy is based on the General rules of the PCT, using the estrogen receptor blocker tamoxifen.

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