Brand: Golden Dragon (China),
Substance: Stanozolol,
Package: 50mg10ml


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Stanoged-50 (Stanoged 50) from Golden Dragon – this powerful anabolic drug is intended for injectable use, containing such component acting as the “Stanozolol”.

“Stooged 50” is the trade name winstrol (or an oral form of the drug “Stanozolol”). Unlike the vast majority of other steroids, injectable form of this drug is based on an aqueous solution (Suspension stanozolol). This somewhat reduces the cost of production of a steroid that positively affects the price Stanoged-50 from Golden Dragon and other manufacturers. However, it also makes it and “short” steroid that causes the need for daily injections during the period of the course. This is to some extent able to influence the decision of some athletes to buy Stanage 50 from Golden Dragon.

Buy Stanoged 50 from Golden Dragon Express desire not only representatives of Amateur bodybuilding. The drug is actively used in competitive bodybuilding, in particular on cycles of direct preparation to competitions. By itself, the product is suitable for use in the drying cycles, but in combination with other sports pharmacology is able to provide a qualitative growth of lean muscles.
The characteristic properties of the drug

if “Stanoged-50” used as the main the anabolic drug on cycle this will allow us to achieve a distinct portrayal of your muscles, making appropriate use of the drug in cycles of work on the terrain
excess water and liquid
the drug “Stanoged-50” significantly contributes to the strength and endurance of an athlete, however due to the fact that stimulates the excretion of fluids from the body, requires increased attention to the health of ligaments and joints
the drug is not accompanied by a flavoring, and in addition is characterized by antiprogestogen and protivoallergennye properties
there is no phenomenon of recoil
by reducing the activity of the SHBG enhances the efficiency of endogenous testosterone and other jointly used steroids
Application of the steroid
Although on a solo course, “Stanoged-50” is applicable primarily in order to render quality muscle relief and vascularity, it is the skillful combination of this drug with other steroids, it is also possible and qualitative growth of lean muscle mass.

Your best bet is a combination of this steroid with testosterone, since it can moderate to retain water throughout the course that will contribute to the protection of your joints and ligaments from injury. Also “Stanoged-50” will balance the anabolic effect and neutralizes the phenomenon of aromatization. This approach still requires the intake of antiestrogens in the course and PCT. Also, the product perfectly combine with other steroids including Methandienone, Oxymetholone, sustanon.

Course format solo

The duration of the course

Winstrol (Injection)

PCT – Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

1 week

30-50 mg daily

2 week

30-50 mg daily

3 week

30-50 mg daily

4 week

30-50 mg daily

Week 5

30-50 mg daily

6 week

30-50 mg daily

Week 7

20-30 mg a day

8 week

10-20 mg per day

9 week

10-20 mg per day

Myself “Stanoged-50” is used in a dosage of 30-50 mg daily. Total cycle time can reach 6 weeks (ideally 4-6 weeks, no longer recommended). After which the rate of desirable to complete and begin post-cycle therapy, which should begin three days after the abolition of “Stanoged-50” to resume the body’s production of endogenous testosterone.

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