Brand: Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical (ZPHC, China),
Substance: Stanozolol,
Package: 50mg1ml


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Stanozolol Suspension from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical is an injectable anabolic steroid that bodybuilding is mainly used for drying cycles at least rarely in combined courses to build muscles.

Often under the name of “Stanozolol” in the sale is the tablet form of the drug, at the same time as the injectable form is referred to as “Winstrol”. For both forms of the drug is characterized same effect and duration of action. Buy Stanozolol (Suspension) from Zhengzhou Farma is recommended more for use directly on the drying cycles, but can be used in courses to gain muscle mass.

A significant advantage can be considered and price Stanozolol Suspension from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical. The cost of this steroid allows it to classify the category of relatively inexpensive drugs, the purchase of which can afford many athletes. But a high enough demand for this drug because of its high quality arises not only from Amateurs. Buy Stanozolol Suspension from Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical very often wish and advanced professionals of bodybuilding and other sports disciplines.
The key effects of the steroid

is one of the best steroid drugs to effectively improve the quality of the rendering of the muscles and shape their definitions
steroid removes excess fluid from the body, but this can increase the risk of injury of joints and ligaments against the background of increasing strength with endurance the course that demands careful attention to them
however, during the course, actively burned fat the body and increases appetite due to accelerated metabolism
this steroid is not subject to aromatization, and therefore estrogenic side effects are excluded
the drug is also characterized by antiprogesterone and antiestrogen action
effectively inhibits the activity of a protein that binds sex hormones, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the course
How to apply for the course?
Injections of the drug “stanozolol Suspension” produced in the dose of 30-50 milligrams a day. The course duration is 4 to 6 weeks. Further use of the drug may be accompanied by side effects, particularly at risk of fall, ligaments and joints, and also reduces the effectiveness of the drug. Three days after the last injection suspension stanozolol is post-cycle therapy. It is necessary for the resumption of normal hormonal levels. Outside of the bodybuilding drug can be used to enhance the speed-power characteristics in the dose of 10 milligrams a day.

Course format solo

The duration of the course

Winstrol (Injection)

PCT – Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

1 week

30-50 mg daily

2 week

30-50 mg daily

3 week

30-50 mg daily

4 week

30-50 mg daily

Week 5

30-50 mg daily

6 week

30-50 mg daily

Week 7

20-30 mg a day

8 week

10-20 mg per day

9 week

10-20 mg per day

Since the steroid “stanozolol Suspension” the drug is quite versatile, it is also possible the addition classes for a set of quality muscle mass. Thus, competitive athletes successfully combine with stanozolol Suspension trenbolone. Such a combination in practice allows to obtain the perfect relief and the hardness of the muscles, to strive for many athletes. This course applied dose within half of the recommended for a solo course. Duration – up to six weeks, aromatase blockers are not required.

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